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The Success Story of Kartikeya Sharma and NewsX

Kartikeya Sharma, Founder and Promoter of iTV Network and Pro Wrestling League is one the youngest and most successful business executives in India. His biggest achievement is that he is the founder of ITV Media Network, which has been booming in terms of both business and popularity ever since its inception. Apart from having established himself in the media business, he has also launched some successful hotels. What most spend their whole lifetimes chasing, he managed to achieve in barely a decade. After getting his degrees from Oxford University and King’s College London, he quickly put them to use and launched his media businesses as well as his sports organisations. He was soon rewarded for all the hard work: through the accolades and titles that came his way, including the ‘News Television CEO of the Year’ award in 2016.

Kartikeya Sharma is quite the success story, and he teaches us a valuable lesson: that we must believe in ourselves because nothing is impossible for someone who is determined and has a clear vision.


Just a couple of years after he graduated from the most prestigious universities in the United Kingdom, he founded and promoted ITV Network. It has since been ranked among the most rapidly growing news networks in India, with two national news channels and eight regional channels in Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Gujrat and Kannada under its business umbrella. Apart from that, ITV Network also has two newspapers and various digital assets. Their first national channel was India News, which is now India’s most popular Hindi news channel. It is also among the most trusted Hindi news channels in the country, thanks to its unbiased and authentic content. The other national channel, NewsX, is an English news channel that has been setting trends in the media industry by providing news in a crisp new format, with direct reportage, pointed debates, trending hashtags and engaging content. It has won the hearts of the people of India by broadcasting differentiated content that resonates with the youth.

NewsX has been said to be the best news channel of the year by far. It’s considered to be India’s youngest news channel and it continues to dominate the market with its high-quality premium English content. NewsX bagged the award for being the best news channel of the year at the 7th edition of the ENBA 2014. ITV Network was further awarded in different categories in subsequent editions of the ENBA. NewsX’s very own, Rishab Gulati, took home the award for ‘Young Professional of the Year’. In 2016, Ashish Singh won the award for best political reporting. In 2017, the channel was awarded the Gold Award for Best Talk Show. And their 2018 list of honours include awards for Best In-depth Reporting.

According to ITV Network, NewsX is a young channel and the whole concept of its success revolves around the motto, ‘News, not noise’. All of what they’ve come to create and will continue to create is based on that one principle. Sharma further added that they, as a network, are concerned with delivering relevant content to the correct audience in an appropriate manner. They focus on bringing news in its purest and undiluted form to their viewers. Their success story is amazing, and Sharma owes it all to his dedicated and hard-working team, whom without, he states, none of this would have been possible.

NewsX has also hosted several successful events, such as the ‘NewsX Women of Steel Summit and Awards’, an event dedicated to the cause of women’s empowerment. This event not only had many important people among the attendees, but it also acted as a platform for debates on subjects like “Popular culture and sexism”.

NewsX has been also partnering up with other news channels. Back in 2015, they teamed up with India News in order to provide unparalleled coverage of the IPL craze across the country. They brought their audience live updates on the matches throughout this strenuous 44-day project. The team at ITV under the guidance of Kartikeya Sharma had much to say about this project. They said that the IPL is an ideal mix of cricket and entertainment, which has gained in popularity over the years. Their dedicated coverage of this event added another spark to the nationwide IPL craze.