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All 5s: Fun Dice Games with 5 Dice

People crave games almost as much as they crave stories. Even in the most remote parts of the world, organized rules for games involving simple objects are found.

Prisoners have gone so far as to carve their own chess pieces while doing time. For your next car trip, prison stay, or sudden Furlow on a deserted island, knowing a few games can keep you sane.

Most games are quick and easy to learn but take a lot of practice to master.

Read on to learn several rule-sets for dice games with 5 dice.

Dice Games with 5 Dice

The most common games played with five dice, probably not coincidentally, are referred to as bar dice games.

Many dice games involve scoring a number of points. Sometimes this is the most points, other times there is a set goal. Because of the simplicity of dice games in structure, they make excellent casino-style games and a way to place friendly wagers.

Practicing up on your friendly wagers is good practice for a run for real money.

Betting online through a site like Unibet is a logical progression for champion-level chuckers.


Sometimes referred to as the poker of dice games, Balut has set rules but it’s scoring is often influenced by house choices.

Players either use the traditional set of combos or create their own. Players take turns rolling dice and gain points based on the scoring tables created. The game ends when all scoring variations have been rolled.

A ‘Balut’ is a special roll when any five of a kind is rolled. These are worth additional points and can also be wagered on the expected number of occurrences.

Liar’s Dice

In a game of Liar’s Dice, each player has five dice and a cup. Each player rolls their dice, hiding the roll with the cup.

If any of the dice rolled land on top of each other, the player rerolls.

Once you view your dice, you hide the roll under the cup. From there, the aim of the game is to correctly guess the number of dice currently showing a value on the table.
Each player declares one value and the wagers continue from one player to the next.

At any time after the first wager, any other player may challenge a bid by calling out the ‘liar’. At that point, all dice are shown.

If the player is correct about the number of dice showing a value, they win the round and the challenger loses a die. Otherwise, the player loses a die. Play continues until only one player has dice remaining.

Ship, Captain, Crew

Another nautical-themed game is Ship, Captain, Crew. Each player rolls three times. You need to get your ship, captain, and crew together before you can score points.
The ship is a 6, the captain is a 5, and the crew is a 4. You need to roll each of these in order before you can start scoring. It is possible to roll all three in one roll.

Once you have these in place, the other dice are rerolled for more points with one point awarded per number pip shown.

Play Often

It’s easy to find more dice games with 5 dice as people are inventive and there’s always a new spin on a classic. Pick your favorite or build your own and you will be prepped for the day when you need to combat some boredom.

Another way to fight boredom is to learn more, which you can do here on our blog.