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The Real Estate Revamp – A Guide to Property Styling

Are you a Real Estate Agent looking for that competitive edge? Or maybe you’re a home-owner who’s about to upsize or downsize and needs to sell their current property? Or perhaps, as East Bay Property Management mentions, you’re a landlord getting ready to lease your place and want it inspection-ready. Whatever the reason, when you’re getting ready to present a house to the market you want it looking tip-top. And there’s a few things you can do to style a property for inspection. The trick is to get people to imagine themselves living in, or owning, the home. So let’s take a look at the real estate revamp and get that home ready for sale or lease.

Hire a Professional

Did you know that you can hire a real estate stylist in Melbourne? Yes, we’re not kidding. There are people who earn a living by turning your home into a dream palace come inspection day. These creative individuals will swoop in and arrange and decorate your home until it presents perfectly pristine and is ready to be snapped up by an eager buyer. They’ll work with you closely to choose a scheme and you’ll have to get your agent on standby because their phone will run hot after each inspection.

If you’re a bit concerned about the cost, a stylist is worth their weight in gold. That being said there’s a few things you can do yourself or encourage your clients to do.

Remove the Family Portraits

A common mistake people make when getting their home ready for inspection is leaving the family photos up. This gives the impression that the house is truly a home — but for the wrong people. Families inspecting the place will see the photos and will subconsciously feel that the house isn’t for them.

Instead, replace the family photos with some neutral artwork. The same goes for sporting trophies and medals — you want the place to feel like a blank canvas that prospective buyers can paint their future lives on.

The Garden Matters

The front yard is the first thing that a new buyer will see when they come to inspect the property. Finding it overgrown with weeds and out of control shrubs is a major turn-off. Get in a gardener or get your hands dirty yourself and get that garden looking ship shape. The backyard matters too as this will be the last place that people look at and will leave a lasting impression.

Less is More

Ideally, you want your home free of clutter and chaos when you’re ready to sell. So even if you like the feel of a lived-in home remind yourself that you won’t be living here for much longer if you sell soon. So pack away the newspaper from the table, put the shoes in a closet, tidy the kitchen bench and pop the kids’ toys’ away. You don’t want a buyer tripping over a toy tractor or being discouraged by a pile of paperwork on the kitchen bench.

A Fresh Lick of Paint Does Wonders

Chances are if you’ve lived in a place for a few years you’ll need to give it a fresh coat of paint. This isn’t a small job so it’s something you should think about before listing your property for sale. If you don’t have the time or inclination to paint it yourself that’s fine but you’ll need to pay for a professional to come in. Just factor that cost into the cost of selling your place and you’ll be fine.

The Wrap Up

Consider getting in a professional to style your home, and tuck away the family photos. Give your garden a makeover and keep the clutter down. Finally, a fresh coat of paint will stand you in good stead to sell soon. Good luck!