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Six Simple Steps for Maintaining and Inspection Your Home

Housekeeping is something that we all regularly do. We often take help from our helpers or house helps if we do not have sufficient time to perform it ourselves. Keeping our home neat and tidy will not only maintain our house but also spreads positivity. You do not have to keep your stuff clean just for the sake of it. We do it because we like it. There are several ways to keep the interiors and exteriors of our house tidy.

Just like you keep yourself healthy by eating a healthy meal, it is as important to maintain your house. Keep checking your appliances, your doors, the channel gate, the grills, chimney if you have, plumbing stuff, security, and other electrical things. They may break down any moment and of course without informing you. So it is extremely essential to keep a regular check, at least once in 6 months.

Here we are going to study about a few of that common and routine stuff that we can perform to maintain the house.

1. Keep floors vacuumed

Keep floors vacuumed
Whether you have just shifted to a new home or it has been years, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is how you take care of your house and other belongings. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean your home regularly. A handy and a portable cleaner is readily available at all retails stores – easily affordable too. It is not easy to clean every corner of your house daily. Clean one portion a day. Make days preferably for every portion of your house. And Sunday, of course, being the primary day for entire checking. Though floors need to be mopped daily. After mopping, keep your floors dry. If you have wooden flooring, you should only use a dry mop or a vacuum cleaner. Cleaning and mopping floor daily will prevent dust to settle on the floors.

2. Check the exterior

Check the exterior
Always ensure that you don’t have any left over after your lunch or dinner. Don’t let them rot in the exterior of your house. Clean your dump yard and your bin regularly. Make a waste collection bin where all the wastes of your household should be dumped. Clean it daily. Not cleaning it and making it rot will only spread mosquitoes and flies. This is the house of disease and nothing else. To keep your good health and your safety, make sure that your house exteriors are as clean as your room.

3. Test the garage door balance

Test the garage door balance
So if you have anything that needs repair, look into it immediately. Letting it be as it might cause you to rest for that day but it will surely not be a simple task if you get too late to repair. Never keep your garage door balance loose. Lock it for your safety. Repair it at once if it gets loose. You can also ask company like for your garage door repair as they are expert.

4. Clean air filter

No doubt air filter is one kind of revolutionary product available these days in the market. It saves you be keeping purified air and maintaining the level of oxygen in your house/room. But how often have you cleaned your air filter? Not even once. That’s where you are at fault. Simply buying and using it is not the way to go about. Clean it bi-yearly. You will find dust and dirt being collected inside its net.

5. Check your heating and cooling systems

Check your heating and cooling systems
This is as mandatory as your other chores. Keeping an annual check on all the electrical appliances should be maintained by everybody. To ensure that your heaters, geysers, water cooler, air conditioner, cooler, fans are all in proper working conditions – you must clean them and repair them (if they need) twice a year. This also ensures that your devices are in perfect working condition or not.

6. Protect your Lawn and Garden

Lawn and Garden
If you have a beautiful garden or a lawn or even a porch, clean it every alternate day. Water the plants and trees daily. Sweep and mop the floor of your porch so that dust doesn’t collect. Create a pothole in your lawn/garden and try dumping all biowastes in that hole. This will create good and fertile soil for your trees and garden.

All these little things should be done daily to avoid any significant expense or any major fault. It’s you who will make your house pretty by maintaining stuff.