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10 Decorating Ideas to Make Your Living Room More Beautiful

If you are planning to decorate your new house or re-decorate your existing one, your living room must be topping your list. The living room is the place where you, your family and friends sit and relax together and share your heart out. Thus a living room should have a friendly and relaxing atmosphere with an appealing touch to please your guests as well.

Having to decorate your living room might leave you with too many choices and options which ultimately leads to confusion and low-key settings. You need to consider the paint color, the furniture style, the style of your arrangements, accessories needed to complement the style and much more. For deciding it, you need to freeze on a particular theme and style to decorate your living room along with other rooms. You may look at some photos to get a better idea. Having set a theme and decorating style will help you decide about your color, furniture, and accessories. Read this blog to know about some decorating ideas to make your living room more appealing.

1. Utilize furniture

Utilize furniture
Smartly utilize your furniture to spruce up your living room appearance. Step-off from the traditional setting of sofas and chairs against the wall and opposite to each other and welcome new ideas and creativity. While decorating your furniture, you need to keep a few things in mind- the furniture you already have, the ones which you need to discard, and the ones that you need to buy to suit your decided look of the living room. If you want it to complement the color theme, buy your furniture accordingly. Set the sofas and chairs and seats in a manner to allow the free flow of conversation and traffic. Also, don’t forget to keep enough legroom between the seats and the tea table.

2. Light a living room

Light a living room
Lighting is one of the most important components of any room. And when it comes to the living room, you need to be both smart and careful. Place your lights at different levels of the room by using overhead chandeliers, table lamps, wall lamps, and floor lamps as well, equally giving scope for natural daylight. If your living room is situated in a way where little or no daylight can enter, you need to take the lighting element more seriously. Keeping in mind the three main lighting types, i.e. task, accent, and ambient make the selection of the color of the lights according to the paint color. You should avoid anything too yellow or too fluorescent and stick to crisp white or soft yellow lights.

3. Hang chandelier

Hang chandelier
Chandeliers add elegance to the living room. Undoubtedly they are a classic element of the living rooms. Depending upon the size of your living room, choose the size of your chandelier. Large flowy chandeliers make great décor for big and heightened rooms while small chandeliers go well for small rooms. If the room has not much height, skip adding chandeliers.

4. Wall paint color

Wall paint color
Choosing the right paint color might be totally confusing and difficult for most of the people, and this is what mostly decides the overall look of the living room. You are more prone to committing mistakes at this stage of choosing the paint color. This is why you need an expert’s advice about the color combination. While coloring with more than one color, always go for contrasting colors which are on the opposite of each other in the color palette. It is wise to select your furniture and other accessories first and then decide the color.

5. Placing a rug

Placing a rug
Rugs are an amazing way to decorate your living room. They give a more sophisticated and clean look to the room. The size and print of the rugs also have the power to make a room look bigger or smaller. Placing a smaller area rug will mar the look of the room while extra large rugs may make the room look sluggish. Keep at least 10 inches gap between the area rug and the walls of the room. You can also place small foot rugs near the distant chairs to give a more beautiful look.

6. Decorate indoor plants

Decorate indoor plants
Indoor plants are one of the most favorite add-ons these days. With people becoming more eco-friendly, placing green and fresh indoor plants can spruce up the look of the room. Air purifying indoor plants are popular these days considering the pollution levels. You may also keep artificial plants near the sofa corner or in places which are away from the passage. They add a quite fresh and opulent touch to the living room.

7. Add mini bar

Add mini bar
If you are fond of drinks and you have a big living room with a raised platform plan to make a mini bar in that space. Set up a couple of high bar stools against a bar top with some of your favorite brands and your mini bar is ready to go. Addition of mini bars makes the living room look opulent and rich.

8. Wooden ceiling

With its elegant style and texture, wooden ceilings are considered to be the elite choices of people with minimalistic as well as luxuriant plan for their living room. From rustic or polished to plain or patterned, there are many ways to design your ceiling with wood. You may place wooden beams or horizontal planks. Add some soft yellow lights to make it more attractive. Wooden can beautifully elevate the look of the room by adding heights and eye-catching details.

9. Wall art

Wall art
An empty wall is a sign of an unfinished room. But this doesn’t mean you need to cover every inch of the wall with artwork. Decorating walls with wall art, artworks, etc. make the living room look more attractive. Choice of art may differ from person to person, and thus you need to set your mind on a simple style to decorate your room. Research about what type of wall art you should put on, how you should arrange it and you are good to go with decorating your living room.

10. Add some accessories

There are galore of accessories to go on with your living room like a TV, complementing drapes, cushions, candles, vases, etc. You just need to plan what to put where so that it doesn’t degrade the look of the room. Add on accessories that go well with the theme of your house, that enhances the atmosphere of the living room. For example, salted lamps or scented candles make a soothing and relaxing living room. You may also add some showpieces and personalized items in your living room.

There is a gazillion number of ways by which you can decorate your living room. One important thing to keep in mind is never to overdo any element. Paying equal attention to every aspect would work great to please you and your guests as well.