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Best Cutting Boards For Your Kitchen

Kitchen is one of the essential spots in everyone’s sweet home. Maintaining the kitchen is as important as managing it. For the proper management and working in a kitchen, one needs proper utensils and appliances. The stuff includes clean and decent tools, mixers, kitchen boards, spoon and fork sets, and much more.

Kitchen board is a small but the most vital part in a kitchen. Wikipedia describes a kitchen board as “A durable board on which to place material for cutting.”

There are various brands out in the market that offer various kitchen cutting boards. Here, we will discuss the best cutting boards for one’s kitchen that can come in handy depending on the situation.

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Best Cutting Boards For Your Kitchen

An abrasive surface is responsible for the blunting of a knife. Selecting the best material for your kitchen board enhances the life of a knife and helps in the proper chopping of vegetables.
Here is the list of the best cutting boards that can be used in various situations in your kitchen.

Wood Cutting Board

Wood cutting boards are considered one of the best because of its various features. First of all, wood has a self-healing ability that allows it to fix all the light cuts made by the knife. The second fact is, wood has antiseptic properties that help in preventing the attacks of micro bacterias on the food.

There are numerous types of wood boards too, depending upon the kind of wood used to manufacture. Some of them are hardwood cutters and Teak wood cutting boards.

Bamboo Cutting Board

Bamboo cutting boards are the best alternative to traditional wood and plastic chopping boards. It is because of the antimicrobial feature of the bamboo sticks. While harvesting, the bamboo is carefully checked for maturation, size, and other markings.

Steel Cutting Board

Steel cutting boards are “not so popular” when compared with the other cutting board variants. This is because of the ability of the material to damage knives. Steel has a hard surface that can blunt the knives after regular use. However, Steel cutting boards are durable and are easy to clean and manage. The best steel cutting board will tend to blunt a knife faster.

Rubber Cutting Board

Rubber Cutting boards are new in a trend that uses solid rubber pads as a cutting surface. Their main feature is their weight, which prevents the slipping of the board. Rubber has the same advantages as a plastic or a wood board. Another powerful feature is that rubber boards do not let bacterias and other microorganisms attack and contaminate the food.

Granite Cutting Board

Granite cutting board do not dull the blade and are anti-bacterial as well as self-healing. They are also heat resistant and lack odor, unlike other traditional cutting boards.

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