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Top 5 iPhone XS Features Guaranteed to Win you Over

The iPhone X was groundbreaking when Apple released the line back in 2017. The company decided to throw all that what makes an iPhone out the window and introduced new design and features that made a leader in cutting edge technology.

With the release of the iPhone XS last year, an upgrade over the last model, meant that Apple had refinements rather than radical changes with the ‘S’ line. However, that doesn’t mean that the iPhone XS and the whole range of new iPhone XS models at Harvey Norman, doesn’t have cool features that will make you want to get it now.

Crisp detail with the OLED display

Arguably the most impressive screen display in the smartphone market, the iPhone XS features a 2436 x 1125 resolution OLED display on a 5.8-inch screen. What resulted is the sharpest, brightest, and most accurate colour display ever in Apple smartphone history. The iPhone XS Max, on the other hand, sports a 6.5-inch display, the largest on any smartphone. Both feature a 458 ppi pixel density.

A12 bionic chip for better mobile photography

One of the best features of the iPhone XS line is the improvements on their mobile photography. The A12 bionic chip gives the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence software. A product of these is the Smart HDR — it takes multiple shots and incorporates varying exposure settings and then stitches them together. You can also manually adjust the aperture of the photo, which is the focal length and distance to the subject, after you’ve taken the photo.

High rated water resistance

A feature that makes the XS stand out from its predecessor is the IP68 rating for dust, water, and splash resistance. If you accidentally drop your phone in the swimming pool, you’d be happy to note that it can survive seven feet of water for as long as 30 minutes. Of course, it would be better if you try not to get it soaked as much as possible.

In addition, the iPhone XS has four built-in microphones so you can record the videos with stereo sound. It also comes equipped with dynamic range to help with low light recording.

eSIM and Dual SIM capability

A first in the iPhone line is the inclusion of the electronic SIM which will allow users to tap into the wireless network without the use of a physical SIM. It also gives users the capability to authenticate two cellular connections at the same time. This is perfect for those who would like a separate phone line for business and personal use, without having to own two physical phones.

Faster wireless charging

The iPhone XS comes with a tighter internal coil design which gives it better contact with the wireless charging device, therefore improving its charging speed.

A related feature is the phone’s improved battery life. The iPhone XS gets a 30-minute additional battery life over the iPhone X. The iPhone XS Max, which has the biggest battery, gets an additional hour and a half.

There’s so much to digest in terms of features when it comes to the iPhone XS. So go ahead and check the range of new iPhone XS at Harvey Norman and get your hands on ‘em!