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8 Savvy Things to Do Before Moving into a New House

Congratulations, you have just signed the contract for your new house! The excitement must be overwhelming, it is pretty obvious. Amid this happy period of rejoicing for the right choices you made and the necessary savings that came handy, have you thought about the most important thing?

Wondering what that might be?

Things to do before moving into your new house, of course. Soon the excitement will settle in, followed by the stress of shifting. To help you sail through this, here are some important things to remember before moving to a new place.


Make a rough draft of all important things. A moving planner will also help you a great deal. You can easily chalk out things needed to be addressed on priority, a planner will make it effortless. Jotting down important tasks, budget, moving date, you can also make sections of bigger priorities and assign related tasks within the relevant sections. Keep it simple and easy.

Redirect Your Mail

Are you worried about protecting your personal information from theft? Simply get your mail redirected to your new address. This will ensure the protection of your personal information from identity theft and falling into the wrong hands. You can set it up in advance of your moving date, usually, people choose 6 to 12 months in advance.

Intimate Your Bank

Along with the bank, make sure to inform all important organisations, including insurance companies, financial companies, etc. Contacting your bank in advance about the address change will help them update their records. Also, informing them will ensure the safety of your financial documents, credit cards, pins etc, from going to a stranger.

Be a Smart Packer

Packing can be quite stressful, but if you’re smart you need not feel the stress at all. Go for a removals and storage specialist that will do all the packing and moving for you. Advantages of a removals company can be summed up into three points—1) They have trained professionals who know the basics of packing; 2) Your belongings will be safe with a ‘Insurance Policy’ in place; 3) You don’t have to stress about packing and moving your stuff at all.

Bid Adieu to Cardboard Boxes

Storing stuff in cardboard boxes? Think again, you need not go through so much hassle. Simply bid adieu to cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and what not! Choosing the right Removals and Storage firm will give you ample storage options. From your wardrobe to home appliances, they are all in good hands. Pack your immediate necessities with you and forget all about the cardboard boxes!

Don’t Forget Your Pets

Assuming you have a pet (or pets) friend and you are obviously tagging them along with you, do not forget to consider your pet while planning a move. Simple things to remember—1) Take them for a routine vet checkup a few weeks before moving; 2) Get their necessary medical documents and request a copy of their immunization (in case, you’re moving internationally); 3) Get their microchip updated to avoid losing your pet friend amid the chaos of packing and moving.

Final Meter Readings

It is very important for you to take the final reading for your Water, Gas and Electricity connection. Let the suppliers know about your move and intimate them about the final readings to avoid getting billed for someone else’s usage. You can also continue with the same suppliers, they can arrange for the switch once you update them with your new address.

Take the Memories with You

Moving from a home that has a lot of sentimental value can be heart wrenching. You cannot physically carry the memories you’ve made in the house you’re moving away from. However, you could always capture photos, shoot some videos and also create a Pinterest board of your memories and why not? Also, speaking about the Pinterest board, you can also pin ideas that you would like to implement in your new house.

Do tell us all about your ‘house moving’ story and share your thoughts in the comment section. Spread some love and share it with your friends and family!