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Everything you need to know about neck liposuction

The neck is an important part of a youthful,  healthy appearance. Regrettably, over time, the skin underneath the chin starts sagging and turn creepy. The extra submental fat on the neck is called a ‘double chin. It may gather below the jawline and makes the chin appear puffy and full. A person may experience a double chin due to normal aging procedure genetics, and weight fluctuations. It is not always necessary that an overweight person has submental fat as a slim person can also have a double chin. Once you start developing undesired fatty tissue, it is necessary that you improve your diet or workout. Besides good workout and diet, you can also get rid of an unwanted fat with neck liposuction

Neck liposuction is a surgical procedure that is applied to contour features, making a smoother, firmer chin and neck. This semi-invasive process will improve the entire look of a patient and makes him/her look younger. Anyone in their mid-20s to late 50s worried about their extra neck fat can observe impressive natural-looking outcomes with neck liposuction. But for that, you need to choose the best cosmetic surgeon. You will be glad to know that cosmetic surgeon, K.Zakhary is a professional cosmetic surgeon who can provide you with the best results. 

It is a semi invasive technique that requires less downtime, but gives great improvements in your appearance. This procedure gently sucks away the undesired fatty tissue and help restore sculpted, youthful neckline in just a single surgery. Dr. K.Zakhary will use a tech-savvy syringe vacuum technique that will contour the chin and smooth the neckline for providing aesthetically appealing outcomes. This procedure can also be customised to address the needs of an individual patient. No matter whether you want to improve a saggy neck or a double chin, Dr. K.Zachary’s neck liposuction procedure will offer immediate and long-lasting results. 

A suitable candidate for this semi-invasive technique is the one who is struggling with surplus fatty tissue across the neck and below the chin. The patient must be healthy, understands the whole process, and have genuine expectations for the results. Here it is important to state that the patient’s skin must have a healthy elasticity. Those having a medium to serious lax skin are encouraged to give a try to natural neck lift or facelift treatment, which also eliminate the extra tissue. 

Neck liposuction is done using a local anaesthesia, and it will take around 30 minutes to perform. The procedure is started by making several tiny incisions, from 1-2mm, behind the ears and along the chin. From here, a hollow tube or a thin cannula,  will be infused to suck away the surplus fatty tissue. The procedure will go on until all the undesired fat is eliminated, and the patient has obtained a defined, natural-looking contour along the neck and chin. The recovery after neck liposuction takes 1 to 2 days. The discomfort and pain after the surgery is minimal, and can be controlled with prescribed medications.