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5 Benefits in Joining 4 Days Kakadu-Litchfield-Tour

Although you can travel to Kakadu National Park and also visit nearby Litchfield on your own, doing it via a tour company can offer much more enjoyment and safety as the area is vast, and Australia is known for some dangerous animals that inexperienced tourists might find unpleasant in the wrong circumstances. Additionally, tours allow you to relax among an intimate group of people as you experience the landscape over a series of days. For instance, one of the best ways to see the park is via an overnight Kakadu and Litchfield tour.

One of the most popular tour lengths, the 3 days Kakadu-Litchfield-tour allows you to arrive safely via an ATV that can accommodate up to 17 people. Once you arrive, you are then able to get settled in your private campsite and prepare to enjoy the day seeing the countryside and enjoying the company.

1. Arnhem Plateau

Visiting the park and being able to enjoy Arnhem Plateau is impossible to do in only one day. For instance, getting to the plateau takes three hours by vehicle. As such, you will not have much time to enjoy it if you have to drive back as well. More importantly, once you are there, you will want enough time to enjoy the sights because it is amazing.

The plateau, for example, covers an area of 8,900 square miles, and the most impressive feature is the massive cliff at the edge. Known as the Arnhem Land Escarpment, this incredibly long cliff formation spans over 500 km across the landscape and rises 330 meters into the sky. Geologically, the escarpment is an ancient seawall. In modern times, it is the ecological foundation for a host of animals and flora.

2. The falls

During the wet season, Jim Jim Falls, one of the most massive waterfalls in the world crashes down a portion of the aforementioned escarpment. During a three-day adventure, tourists are provided a private tour of the falls where they can take photos and survey the area while also learning of the area’s rich geologic history and the role it once played in the lives of the native Aborigines.

Another sight to see, this one at Litchfield National Park, is Florence Falls. These falls are at the end of a 1.5 km hike to Buley Rockhole, which is made up of natural water spas and deep whirlpools. Beneath Florence Falls, tourists can swim in the pool, but as with any water spots in Australia, you are required to note crocodile signs and be cautious during your stay.

3. Hiking, swimming, canoeing

Unlike people who travel by themselves, a three-day tour allows you to relax under the guidance of tour guides who can take you to safe watering holes where you can swim safely without fear of bumping into the crocodiles that sometimes inhabit nearby waters. Additionally, you have the opportunity to see the sights via canoe or hike the rugged wilderness. During your stay, you can learn about the important attractions, such as the rock art. Finally, guides can help you spot the red goshawk or the rock wallabies.

In terms of hiking, you are encouraged to take the Gubara Pools walk as well as the Barrk Sandstone walk. Regarding Gubara Pools, you can picnic as you try to catch sight of dingoes and kingfishers. The Barrk Sandstone walk takes you to a variety of ancient rock art at the Nanguluwur art site where you will see all sorts of ancient depictions of animals, spirits, and boats.

4. Rock formations

The Lost City rock formations in Litchfield National Park are a series of monolith-type structures that rise like ancient skyscrapers out of the landscape. Walking in and amid the structures is an awe-inspiring experience that many people describe as mystical.

The structures are made of sandstone, and tour guides are required to help you get there safely. For instance, the terrain is rough, and all-terrain vehicles are required. Additionally, once you are there, guides can help you safely maneuver the landscape as it is covered in rough rocks and roots.

5. Photography

Because Kakadu National Park and Litchfield National Park has so many sights, touring them with an experienced company is the best way to be pointed toward all the best photo hotspots. Tour guides know the best places for sunsets as well as the best time to snap a shot of the rock formations. Additionally, they know when local wildlife will be roaming nearby, increasing the chance you can capture shots of kangaroo or the famous flying foxes.

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