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5 Best Used Buses Worth Buying in 2021

Buses are one of the main means of mass transportation and their popularity is growing with each passing day primarily because of the global efforts to cut down carbon emissions. You will be surprised to know that the first bus was first put on the road way back in the early 19th century, which makes them even older than cars. However, just like the cars, buses have also come a long way since their inception despite their relatively unchanged exterior. Modern new & used buses provide a more comfortable & serene ride than their predecessor and that too with a lesser impact on the environment. Like anything else, Chinese buses are also gaining a significant market share both in the developed and developing regions. Here, we will take a brief look into the top five Chinese buses that are worth every penny of your hard-earned money even if they were owned by someone before you.

1. Yutong Bus ZK6118HGA:

Yutong is one of the largest manufacturers of buses (by sales volume) in the world and their ZK6118HGA model is the primary intercity commuter. The model name might sound a bit weird, but surprisingly a great number of these used buses, are currently running on the streets of China & other countries around the world. There is also a good chance that you might have seen this 44-seater in your region somewhere and despite a rather long and wide body, the bus is still capable of reaching a top speed of over 80km/h which is more than what it will probably be allowed to reach in its daily operation throughout the city.

The Yutong Bus ZK118HGA is only available as a left-hand drive used bus from China since the country only makes Left-hand drive vehicles. This should not be a major problem as the majority of governments allow opposite drive position vehicles to operate in their country. A sturdy diesel engine combined with a six-speed manual transmission provides the best reliability formula for an intra-city people hauler, hence its #1 position in this list.

2. Ankai 23-seater:

Corporations and office management are always looking for measures to provide an affordable and reliable transportation service to their employees and what better way to satisfy their needs than a Ankai 23-seater bus. The bus is an identical sister of a Toyota Coaster which means it is as bulletproof as a Coaster. Moreover, the rather narrow body size and 23 seats make it an ideal platform for day-to-day pick and drop and for short to medium-haul transportation. You will easily be able to find it as a used bus and the parts are also readily available in nearly every part of the world.

3. 2014 Higer Bus (51-seats):

The Higer Bus is essentially a longer version of the Ankai bus and has a seating capacity of up to 51 occupants. This particular bus is a popular choice among transportation companies for intercity travel because of a good seating capacity and two-way entry & exit. The two-way entry and exit is a regulatory requirement in some countries which means you can import this used bus without any hassle in your country. 

The Higer bus is also packed with a good number of features including an ABS that lets it stop without skidding. The long wheelbase and comfortable seats further add to the serene driving experience of people of all ages.

4. Zhongtong Electric bus:

The Zhongtong electric bus, as the name suggests, is a battery-driven bus that is aimed at reducing the greenhouse emissions produced by buses. Environmental friendly buses have a great demand at the moment, mainly because of the strict carbon emissions that are enacted across the world. The Zhongtong electric bus provides a great solution that is not only eco-friendly but at the same time is cost-effective especially if you purchase it as a used bus. The gear-free bus not only makes the job of a driver easier but at the same time, all of its 44 occupants enjoy a ride free from the rumble of a diesel engine.

5. Niopram Eurostar JNP6127:

The Niopram Eurostar is a long-range luxury coach that is stunning both from the inside and the outside. Its partial sloping glass roof at the front is not only a cosmetic feature but it also allows more light to enter the cabin, thereby, enhancing the mood and roomy feeling in the interior. All the characteristics such as the size, engine specifications, and emission standards have been specifically made according to the modern-day needs which make the Eurostar an excellent choice for providing a luxurious experience on long haul destinations.

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