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What is a Car Vent Tab and How Do You Replace Them?

If you have ever been in a car, you have seen car vent tabs. Whether you have noticed them or not, you have seen and probably even used them. While they are not necessarily in every make and model of every car, they are quite popular and extremely convenient when it comes to adjusting your car’s air vents.

What Are Car Vent Tabs?

Vent tabs for cars are the tiny pieces of plastic that help you to control the direction of the air vents inside of a car. So if you wanted the direction of the airflow to go to the left, right, up or down, you would use the car vent tabs to adjust the air vents and make that happen. Unfortunately, car vent tabs have a high failure rate, and it used to be that the only way to replace them was by replacing the entire air vent assembly. This was a big project and could get to be very expensive. In fact, to replace an entire air vent assembly in your car would normally range between $100-300. But do not worry; there is a much easier solution that has been introduced to the car vent industry.

How Do You Replace An Air Vent Tab?

As mentioned before, the process of replacing an air vent tab was a large ordeal. You would need to take your vehicle into a shop, have the shop take out the entire air vent assembly from your dash, install the brand new air vent assembly, and finally charge you a few hundred dollars for their troubles. While that is not the most convenient way of getting the job done, it was the only one.

But due to recent strides in the car vent market, these is a much easier, faster and cheaper way that you can go about replacing your car vent tabs. With a product called Vent Tab, you can easily do the repairs yourself from the comfort of your own home and save hundreds of dollars at the same time.

With the Vent Tab’s patent pending design, all you need to do after purchasing the vent tabs, is to simply slide them into the appropriate place on your air vents. That’s it. There is no disassembling anything, no assembling anything, and no need to take time out of your busy day to visit an automotive shop for a few hours.

And the best part about Vent Tabs is that once you have installed them onto your car air vents, they work exactly as the original tabs did. It is essentially as though your air vent tabs were never even broken.

While car air vents used to be a pain in the bottom to get replaced, with the introduction of Vent Tabs, the expensive, time consuming process of replacing vent tabs is now a thing of the past. Vent Tabs have been able to give you the power to fix your car vents without the pain and hassle that used to be involved.