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Find The Perfect Work Purse For You With These 5 Tips!

If you’re like the average woman living in the U.S., you own a total of 11 bags. Chances are, your bag bounty is necessary to fit a variety of situations, from everyday use to special occasions such as weddings.

And believe it or not, a proper work purse is essential depending upon your line of work and what you bring to or take home from the office each day. If you’ve been wondering how to choose to best bag for the office, you’ve come to the right post! Here are five tips to keep in mind when buying a work bag.

1. Focus On Function First

The prettiest bag on the store shelf is worthless if it can’t carry everything that you bring to work each day. So take note of everything the perfect work bag needs to carry such as your laptop, makeup, lunch, snacks, workout clothing, and anything else you take to the office regularly. You may require a bag with compartments to hold everything.

Another tip: measure your laptop before you go bag shopping to make sure you purchase one wide enough to carry it.

2. Consider Your Office Culture and Role

Is your office culture rather conservative, or will no one bat an eye if you go for a funky pattern or color combination? Your bag can also reflect your role in the company; if you’re part of the creative team you can have a little more fun with bright colors and graphic touches.

3. Check For a Zipper

It may sound like a minor detail, but a zippered bag ensures your items won’t spill out during your commute. At the office, it also sends the subconscious message that you like things to run smoothly and have everything under control. But even if the bag you love doesn’t have a zipper, at least make sure you can securely close it to keep your possessions safe.

4. Shop During Autumn

Although you can find a great work bag at any time of the year, autumn is traditionally when the best selection of bags becomes available. Manufacturers tend to put more effort into the details and craftsmanship to usher in a cooler season. You’re also more likely then to find a bag in the neutral color if that’s important to you.

Fall is a great time to shop Saint Laurent bags at SSENSE or peruse the selections on store shelves.

5. Try It On In The Store

Many shoppers will buy a bag before slinging it over their shoulder, only to find out after they’ve brought it home that they’ve made the wrong purchase for their needs. Don’t be timid about trying the bag on and even walking with it to make sure it won’t slip and feels comfortable on your shoulder. Be mindful of its weight without anything in it, because a heavy bag can cause back and shoulder strain.

The Right Work Purse Is Waiting For You

Choosing the right work purse will help you make a great impression in the office and comfortably tote your essentials to and from your desk.

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