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Setting up A Temporary Tattoo Parlor at Your Kids Party: Tips Inside

Tattoos are undoubtedly the most fashionable thing today. Many people are getting inked around the globe, and if you are a young parent you are most likely to have a tattoo yourself.

Your kids are used to seeing your tattoo right from their infant days. In that light, it is not surprising to find them whining for one too!

Yes, it might be very disturbing. You might find yourself at your wit’s end. But there is an easy way to take care of the problem.

Why not throw him/her a tattoo parlor themed party?

Such a party will fulfill their wish “temporarily” but the fun they will have will surely be of a permanent nature.

But once you decide on throwing such a party, comes the tough part. How to plan one?

Well don’t fret, here are a few very cool tips you can use to plan such a party.

Match The Tattoos To The Party Theme:

When you plan a party for children, it is very important to select a theme at the very beginning. Themes become very important as they determine the kind of decorations, props, and this case tattoos to be used in the party.

There are multiple themes to select from, sports, cars, animations, cartoon characters, beach party and much more!

After selecting a particular theme, match the plates, balloons, tablecloths to it. Nowadays, many tattoos are printed as sets with interrelated designs.

Once you purchase such a tattoo, set cut out your child’s favorite design. Keep trimming till the tattoos match the actual design and keep the use of adhesives to a minimum.

Let The Children Innovate:

Let the children play with all the tattoos available at the party. Do not limit their choices. Children can best express themselves when they have different shapes and colors around them. It is also the best way to let them develop their imagination.

Depending on the age group of the children coming to the party, tattoo sheets that cover common hobbies, animals, flowers, shapes, and animation characters can be purchased.

Include a bit of learning in the mix by getting a few sheets of alphabets and initials.

The display becomes an important factor here. Make sure the kids can see the various options available. For that purpose keep the tattoos in a big bowl or stick them on a bulletin board.

Plasticware Crafted With Tattoos!

It is always advisable to use kid-friendly plasticware at a children’s party. In a tattoo theme party such as this, such plasticware can also be used to grab the attention of the children.

They can use the various tattoos available to decorate the cups, plates, and glasses. You can get the children to choose their design for that day. That way no glasses will get mixed and all the children will be well hydrated and fed!

Though temporary tattoos for children are made from safe materials using FDA certified colorant, it is advisable to put the tattoos on the outside of the plasticware.

Hiring Professional Party PLanner:

Though with the use of this article, you can plan a children tattoo themed party quite smoothly, a professional kids party entertainer can do this job without much hassle.

In fact, they can bring more of such innovative kids party entertainment ideas to the table since they plan such parties on a daily basis.

There are various places from where you can hire such services. One such is Yabadoo kids parties planner. No matter whom you choose, you just need to set in the theme and the budget then sit back and watch the children have fun!

Setting Up a Temporary Tattoo Station:

Get your older kids or fellow parents at the party to help you set up a tattoo station or “booth”. Don’t forget to keep it colorful and cute so that the kids know where to go to get their tattoos done. You can get ideas for the same here.

Tattoos are always more creative and less messy compared to face painting. Make sure you put in a bowl of water and fresh washcloths in the station.

Kids can often mess up the tattoo by applying it wrong. In such cases it’s always better to be ready with cotton balls rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, and baby oil to ensure easy removal of the misplaced tattoo.

These initial parties and fun days mark a happy childhood. These are the memories that kids will cherish for the rest of their lives, so make it worth.