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What are the Types of Nail Making Machines

Nail making machine necessarily produces traditional nails, Concrete Nail, Gi Nail, and Coil. The nail machine is unique in that it is built on a rotary forming principle that allows wire feeding, wire cutting, and head forming to take place in one continuous rotational movement cycle.

Nail cutting technology provides many benefits, in contrast to traditional technology. The theory of rotary formation means double efficiency, better nail consistency, decreased space demands, increased user-friendliness, fewer operators, and the prospect of unmanned production. Apply to this an environmentally friendly performance with the lower noise level, lower energy usage, and an oil-free production cycle, without the need for subsequent tumbling of the nails

Types of nail making machines

Are you looking for what are the types of nail making machines? Here are some essential types of nail making machines.

Automatic nail making machine

The Automatic Wire Nail Making Machine is simple and robust, high performance, ease of operation, and long service life. All tools are easily accessible and can be exchanged quickly. Even an unskilled worker can operate this simple and highly efficient machine with ease.

These machines proved to be the ultimate in reliability even at its full capacity of 500 operations per minute. There is a range of 8 models from 0.9 to 10 mm for wire thickness and from 6 mm to 200 mm for nail lengths.

Steel nail making machine

These steel nail making machines can produce flat head nails, counter shank head nails, round head nails, missing head nails, pop nails. These machines are capable of making H.B. nails Wire made of brass, copper, and aluminum.

The main crank is driven directly by motor, and the side shafts are driven by bevel gears to ensure the cutting tools are correctly and permanently balanced. The nails are adjustable in length and thickness.

The nail making system that is provided is specially designed using the highest quality components and leading technology in line with industry parameters.

Washed head roofing nail making machine

By keeping track of the development of the market, the optimum quality Washed Head Roofing Nail Making Machine, provides high performance, and constant output. The washed head roofing nail making machine is specifically designed to meet the exact requirements of the various engineering industries.

The washed head roofing nail making machine is manufactured with the specified quality parameters using high-quality components and progressive technology.

Wire nail making machine

A wire nail making machine cuts a coil, steel wire, and transforms it into the nail and make an entire wire nail. Wire nail manufacturing machines are primarily made of very high-quality raw material that guarantees excellent longevity at the end of the consumer, and there are various styles and different sizes of coil nails.


The focus of the nail-making machine is on reducing the machine’s bulk and overall price without compromising the quality of the manufactured nails. The nail-making machine’s operating mechanism is designed to minimize the total number of moving parts to a few required.

All motion of the nail-making device is transmitted through the connecting rod from the crankshaft to the nail head punch, and the nail head punch, in turn, drives the remaining components, resulting in a straightforward but necessary configuration of the nail making.