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Top 10 Tips How Not to Take Care of Your Curly Hair

Without a doubt, the 4C curly hair is in a league of its own even in the natural hair community. The 4C consists of tight, short, and frizzy curls giving your hairstyle an exotic look. It provides the appeal that visually compares to the beauty standard of the magazine cover. 

Yet, there’s a slight problem with hair texture care. The 4C girls who are new to the natural hair community may miss out on some great advice. 

Even worse, they have wrong practices that slow down their hair growth. Let’s review the 10 that are the most common. 

Don’t Cut the Split Ends 

Once your natural hair starts growing,  you may notice those frizzy ends. You can leave them alone to grow a bit more before cutting them, right? 

That’s the first mistake, unfortunately. The thing about natural hair you have to learn to love is the work. It’s about the touch from the get-go. Certainly is much more than applying a hair product with natural written on it.  

Going natural means that you have to care for all aspects of natural hair. Start cutting the split ends helps to avoid hair breakage. 

Natural hair care consists of two key elements. First is physically caring for your hair. The second is the hair product routine. 

Avoid Detangling Your Hair 

On that note, detangling your hair is additional work girls want to avoid. Done with cutting split ends, it’s a routine that takes a lot of time. Avoid it, or do it on a flexible schedule? 

Cutting split ends and detangling hair is a part of a hair routine. Split ends are broken hair strands you need to remove. Detangling and combing your hair prepares your hair to absorb nutrients from natural products. 

Curly hair, like 4C hair, is extremely-tangled. Regular detangling makes your hair healthier and thicker. It breaks less. 

Use Any Comb 

Combs is an essential hair care equipment. Yet, combs come in various shapes and forms. Is it ok to buy a comb from the local store for your hair cair? 

That’s about the worst thing you may do for natural hair. Luckily, there are specific combs for 4C hair types.  

Combs for 4C hair type allow you to pull each strand. Try to straighten your hair before you get into the shower. Also, make sure to comb your hair on a regular schedule. 

Sleep Without Hair Protection 

After you do the hair routine, it is time to sleep. Lay in the bed and enjoy a good night’s sleep. What could go wrong? 

Hair protection is necessary for curly hair types with 3 or 4 specifications. Sleeping on regular pillows may drain moisture from your hair. 

Also, a regular pillow may disrupt the shape of your hair. Wearing a satin can help you to retain both shape and moisture.  

Avoid Learning About Products

Now, you have a hair product routine down. Add some shampoos and a conditioner, and the weave grows? 

That’s another common misconception. Almost any hair care product may fly for the first phase of going natural. 

But, you want to know more about products and routine plans the longer you grow natural hair. Your hair quality and look depends on how well you utilize organic products and ingredients.  

Forget About LOC/LCO Method 

You found a basic hair routine through an online template.  Maybe you can go on for months now that you have a plan? 

That’s ok if you don’t want to grow beautiful natural hair. And, you want to learn more about plans and formulas and what effect they create. 

Spend time studying the LOC/LCO methods. The letters imply three types of hair care products. These are liquids, oils, and creams. 

It’s all about finding the appropriate measure with the LOC/LCO methods. 

Don’t Think About Moisture 

You got the technical part down by now. But what about hair porosity? 

Natural hair is all about keeping moisture. People often forget the importance of hair moisture for growing natural hair. 

Lack of moisture leads to high hair porosity. Your hair gets thinner, weaker, and breaks easily with higher porosity. 

Get as much moisture for your hair as possible.  

Avoid Deep Conditioning 

Natural hair is a lot of work. But, you buy oils and creams, shampoos, and conditioners and apply them to your hair. That’s it? 

That’s the worst misuse of natural hair care products. Deep conditioning is a crucial step for caring for curly hair, especially 4C hair type. 

It’s the process that allows nutrients to soak up into the thick curly hair. Without deep conditioning, the 4C hair can’t grow because it lacks nutrients. 

Deep conditioning is your primary hair care procedure. 

Avoid a Hair Routine

So, you got down a basic hair routine. But will it hurt to add the Cheba powder to your routine? 

If the answer is yes, you are missing out on a lot. Chebe powder or another organic ingredient like jojoba oil helps your routine a lot. 

Another dimension of natural hair care is that raw ingredients affect your hair quality. Ingredients are rich in nutrients. Also, it’s best to apply organic hair products in the pre-wash routine. 

Of course, a hair routine may include other natural products like shampoos, oils, creams, and vitamins.  

Don’t Keep Learning

However, the worst thing you can do is to stop learning. Going natural isn’t just about women who enjoy their curly hair. 

It’s more about you enjoying your natural hair and using the experience of the community. Use the exact formulas, routines, and recommended ingredients to grow your hair. 

Going natural is a process. You have to observe how your hair reacts to your hair routine. Occasionally, switch products or add new to the hair routine. 

The hair changes through time. You get to experiment with products and find the best routine for your hair. Grow natural hair with a genuine desire to learn and take part in the community. 

Take Care of Your Curly Hair

Give it a try. Start slow, and build a simple routine. Experiment with organic products and ingredients. 

Floss up with naturally curly hair. Take care of your hair the natural way.