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5 Inexpensive Tips To Upgrade Your Bedroom

People often equate the word upgrade to higher cost. This can’t be helped, as it is a common notion that higher prices can get you better things that have higher quality. This may be true for a lot of stuff like gadgets, electronics, and furniture, however, it doesn’t necessarily hold true when it comes to upgrading a room in your home.

The bedroom should be the most peaceful and comfortable room in your house. This is where you rest and re-energize to face a brand new day.

Bedroom upgrades can be done without breaking the bank. Here are five tips for you.


Comfort in the bedroom always starts with the bed. Duvet sets, meaning a duvet and a duvet cover is a good start to up the coziness of your bed. Aside from duvets, you can also:

  • Get fresh sheets – merely changing your sheets to fresh ones has already a significant effect to the bedroom. The smell of clean linen is surprisingly relaxing, and it makes you want to stay in bed longer.
  • Switch pillowcases – similar to your bedsheets, using fresh pillow cases or covers can improve the bedroom. If you want to take it a step further, get matching sets for your pillowcases, blankets, and bed sheets to give your bed a different look.
  • Mattress – people may argue that this item can be an expensive upgrade by solely focusing at the immediate cost. People miss out on the return of investment they get from a great mattress.
  • Say you spent $1000 for a bed that would last at least ten years. That’s like paying $100 per year. If you take good care of it, it’ll endure more thus increasing its value compared to its initial cost.
  • Headboard – If your bed doesn’t have one, consider adding a headboard. If it is plain, add some cushion to it. Pick a versatile color, one that can go with anything, or pick a color that will match your sheets.


A lot of people would want to maintain a slumber mood for the bedroom, and this is an opportunity for some minor upgrades:

  • Lights – the atmosphere of any room can be affected by lights. Lights come in different colors and shapes, and both can greatly influence a room. Experiment with colors to find which one suits you well. You can even have several colored lights that you can separately control so you can switch to a color that reflects your mood.
  • Luminosity – the brightness of your bedroom, at any given time, can make the room more or less appealing. Determine which areas of the room need more light than others, or use dimmers to control the brightness of the lights in your room.


The smell of your bedroom is another aspect that can make or break your room’s vibe. Use air fresheners for that consistent fragrance. Potpourri and aroma dispensers are excellent alternatives from the usual sprays or pop-up scents.

Scented candles can also be a great option, although it can be a fire hazard. It’s better to have scented candles in the bathroom especially if you light them up.

Theme or Scheme

A scheme is using a color range for your room, say pastel. A theme, however, is not limited to just colors.

You can have a floral theme this month, then a monotone scheme the next. You can switch your curtains, linen, and decorations to achieve what you want, meaning get stuff that has designs that match your theme, or colors to match the scheme. You can be creative with what you already have instead of purchasing new ones.


Bring out your creativity and your handyman skills to freshen up the other furniture in your room. You can:

  • Varnish or paint furniture – your wooden dresser may already be faded. Bring it back to life with a coat of varnish or new paint.
  • Add new ones – repurpose one of your chairs or small tables and bring it inside your room. You can have a reading area or enjoy a cup of tea before sleeping.
  • Replace or remove broken things – the alarm clock you have may already be defective, or the mirror at your dressing table may have cracks, change them with new ones to keep your bedroom looking neat and modern.
  • Pet area – if your pets love being near you but you prefer them to not be on your bed, placing a small rug or a pet bed in your bedroom is an affordable upgrade. It keeps your pets away from your bed, but at the same time, they are still near you.

Remember that affordability of these tips will also depend upon your own discretion. You control how much you want to spend. The good thing about the list above is that you are bound to find an affordable option that you will like and love. Always think about value for money and let this be your guide as you begin your bedroom upgrade.