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Things to Do in Hanoi Vietnam

Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam. It is full of rich cultural heritage that makes it an amazing location for tourists. The chances of getting a high-quality experience in Hanoi is mindblowing. This metropolis has a treasure of sights to give to the tourists. In this article, we list the best things to do in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is one of the oldest museums in Hanoi that showcases the 54 types of ethnic identities in Vietnam. It is located in Cau Giay district about 8 km from the city centre. It is one of the most beautiful museum in all of Vietnam. Tourists can get a great deal of information from this museum. Famous architect Ha Duh Linh created this museum in the shape of Dong Son Drum. The French architect Veronique Dollfus has done the interior architecture.

Tran Quoc Pagoda

It is the little wonder of Hanoi and the oldest temple present in Hanoi. This temple is nearly 1500 years old being built by Emperor Ly Nam De in the 6th century. Tran Quoc Pagoda is located in the city’s west lake on an island near the southeastern shore. It has become the best place of meditation for Buddhist monks from around the world. They come here to meditate. This temple is open to tourists daily free of cost.

Hanoi street food

Hanoi is famous for Vietnamese street food. It is relatively easy to find a Hanoi restaurant that serves terrific, tasty and fresh Vietnamese food. You can also have coffee from the roadside coffee shop. You can meet local people and interact with them in the cafes. You can get amazing steamed rice, bubbling noodle soups and fresh vegetables on the street side shops. You can easily walk around and get tasty food. To know more, you can join the Hanoi street food walking tour in which a tour guide will explain the heredity and historical significance of various dishes.

Vietnam Golf Tours

Hanoi is famous for its golf courses. You can easily access these courses by getting Vietnam Golf Tours package. The tour includes transport to and from the fields, green fee and cart rental. It will take you about 30 minutes drive to reach the golf places from Hanoi city centre. Some of the best golf courses in Vietnam to play are Chi Linh Star Golf & Country Club, King’s Island Golf Resort and BRG Legend Hill Golf Resort. These places have some of the most beautiful scenic views, lush green landscapes and challenging designs that will make your golfing experience truly memorable.

Hoa Lo prison

There is a dark and foreboding history with the Hoa Lo prison. It can even be sensed from the walls of the prison. It is first built in the late 1800s by the French. It is in this very prison that Vietnamese freedom fighters and political people were housed. There is another name for this prison. It is called the dreaded Hanoi Hilton.

During the Vietnam war, this prison has been used by the northern Vietnamese to house American prisoners of war. Luckily now there is only a gatehouse that is remaining in Hoa Lo prison. The remaining structures of the prison have been transformed into a museum in which tourists can stroll freely. This is a truly nightmarish place to be in. the prison allows visitors all seven days in a week. The timings are from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm. This prison will take nearly 2 hours to explore the place.

Temple of literature

This is an excellent temple for Buddhist monks. This temple is built in 1070 and is an excellent example of Vietnamese architecture. The Van Mieu temple is one of the oldest structures in the country. This temple is originally dedicated to Confucius. In this temple, there are five courtyards in which you can wander around. The decorations available are amazing. You can see the stelae mark that has been done with the first diplomas for the university’s doctorate students. This temple is open seven days a week, and from morning 8 am till 5 pm.

Hoan Kiem Lake

This Hoan Kiem lake means the lake of the restored sword. This lake is at the centre of Hanoi city life. It is one of the bustling places in the country. This lake is located in the old quarter. Hoan Kiem lake is the place where Vietnamese people gather to rest, have lunch, play or to take a relaxing walk around the perimeter of the lake. There is an 18th-century Buddhist temple called the Ngoc Son temple. It is present on the small island in the lake. This island is reachable using a bright red bridge that connects the island to the northern shore of the lake.

While planning your trip to Hanoi Vietnam, make sure you visit all these places.