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4 Types of Exhibition Stands and Accessories

A great way to showcase and increase your business’ market visibility is through appearing in trade shows and exhibitions. They can become your means to advertise your company and with the help of modular exhibition stands and other trade show accessories, you can show the world what your business actually does. 

Sure, we understand that most advertising is now done online, but the traditional way of advertising is a foolproof method. When supported with modular accessories that are available on the market, nothing could go wrong. 

If you’ve been planning to market your brand through an exhibition but are unsure how to go about it, you’ve landed in the right place. In this article, out of the many modular reusable exhibition stands and accessories, we have created some categories to make your life easier. 

So let’s get started! 

  1. Carry Bags and Transit Cases 

The modern-day exhibition accessories come with perfectly sized carry bags and transit cases. They are made according to the modular accessories you choose for your display, ensuring that the parts are absolutely safe and convenient to carry at different locations every time. 

Carry bags like banner tubes and lighting cases are exactly what you need to enhance efficiency in your setup for the next exhibition. So next time make sure that with accessories, you carry transit bags for easy relocation of modular exhibition stands and accessories.

  1. Folding Stands 

As soon as the word folding comes, it is bound to bring in the element of space saving in your next exhibition. They are the ultimate lightweight panel displays that are covered with nylon fabric which is mostly paired with velcro for your convenience.

They are made in a way that makes your tasks easier – the loop can easily attach graphics and helps you easily reposition them whenever required. Moreover, they can very smartly save your space and look best when paired with table top displays. 

The modern day exhibition accessories come in different shapes, sizes and colours – all tailored to match your requirements. 

  1. Literature Racks and Dispensers 

Considered as a great advertisement tactic, you should always have exhibition materials for your customers to take away with them. You can customise this flyer according to your needs, but make sure it aligns with the image of your business, the one that you want your customers to see. 

To support this advertisement pursuit of yours, you should consider having literature racks and folders to enhance the overall look of your corner. 

With the advancement of ways of exhibiting, it is now possible to pair literature racks with graphic displays and audio / visual showcases. As far as your creativity can flow, there are multiple ways to personalise your exhibition accessories, in a way that engages your audience for more sales. 

  1. Chairs and Tables 

When in a trade show or an exhibition, often you would need to interact with your customers while making sure they are comfortable. You shouldn’t let the importance of this slide, meaning a well functioning set of table and chairs should top your list of accessories for your next exhibition. 

When you adjust a few tables and chairs for your customers, you can brief them about your services and products easily.

Yet again, the modular exhibition accessories have several options for chairs and tables, all in different shapes, sizes and colours. Choose the one that best suits your modular exhibition stand and the theme of the trade show for a best possible design.

For instance, a coffee table and reception seats can be used to make your customers feel comfortable and relaxed in an informal setting and stools are great for smaller briefer discussions. 

Summing Up…

Now that you have a basic understanding of the accessories that are available on the market, it is time to look for more options because there are ample choices available on the internet.

You’re sure to find something that will match your stand design. If not, it’s probably time to upgrade your old stands with modular exhibition stands for a new look of your business. 

Not only does the accessories make your life easier and convenient, but they also show the efficiency towards all the tasks you take up in your business. This can reflect and have an impact on your customers. They will understand that you take things seriously, while systematic planning can help you with your exhibition days.

We say it’s a win-win!