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5 Crazy CBD Health Facts You Wont Believe!

CBD is gaining popularity in the health and wellness industry as an alternative to traditional medicine and pain relief. It can be used to soothe physical discomfort, as well as improve your mental well-being. Exploring all that the world of CBD has to offer means that you can take advantage of the long list of health benefits that come with it. Joy Organics provides the highest quality, organic CBD products, so you can choose the perfect solution for you. 

What is CBD? 

CBD is an all-natural product that is derived from the cannabis plant and is perfectly safe to use. Unlike THC, the other natural chemical that is found in cannabis, you will not experience any kind of ‘high’ or mind-altering effect with CBD products. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and works within the endocannabinoid systems within your body to change the way our receptors react to pain, resulting in relief from discomfort caused by various conditions and injuries. It can also help our bodies to relax, as well as our minds, meaning we can benefit from a good night’s sleep and relief from anxiety. 

Read on to find out more about this natural product that can have a positive impact on your health and well-being with 5 crazy facts that you may not know about! 

Improves heart health 

Using CBD regularly may have an impact on your overall heart health. CBD is an antioxidant which means it can remove any free radicals that can lead to damaged cells within the body. Within the heart, these properties allow for reduced vascular tension and help to reduce high cholesterol levels – which is one of the main causes of heart problems, such as heart attacks and strokes. 

CBD is also a natural anti-inflammatory, which means it can reduce strain on your heart, and therefore bring down high blood pressure. You could add CBD to your routine along with a healthy lifestyle to take advantage of all it has to offer your heart health as well as your overall well-being. 

Improves your mood 

If you find that you suffer from periods of low mood, but you’re not keen on taking traditional medications, using CBD could be beneficial. CBD works as it reacts with the nervous systems and receptors around your body and in your brain. It can help to regulate and promote the production of serotonin, which is the chemical that is responsible for feelings of happiness and positivity. Low levels of serotonin are often found in those of us that suffer from anxiety and depression, so taking CBD can help you to feel more like yourself again. 

Achieve glowing skin 

If you suffer from common skin conditions such as acne or psoriasis, CBD products could help you to achieve clearer and smoother skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help to reduce any red, sore patches of skin that you may experience with acne or eczema. It can also help to regenerate skin cells, so any broken skin can heal effectively. 

If you suffer from dry or flaky skin, using CBD creams can help to restore your skin’s moisture, leaving it feeling soft and noticeably glowing – it does this by increasing the levels of sebum within the skin, which is responsible for keeping it hydrated. It can soothe, heal, and regenerate, leaving you with a youthful, rejuvenated look. 

Helps with seizures 

Many illnesses can result in seizures, which can be scary for both the person that is suffering, as well as close family and friends. With conditions like epilepsy, seizures are caused by abnormal neuron activity in the brain – CBD can be used to balance these impulses and help to regulate them, which is great news for those that are affected by the side effects that can come along with traditional epilepsy medication.

 It not only helps to regulate seizures, but it can also help in other areas, for example, lack of sleep may exacerbate the risk of a seizure taking place – CBD can help sufferers fall into a deep and restful sleep, which can prevent this from happening. It can also help epilepsy sufferers feel calmer and less anxious surrounding their condition. 

Regulates the stress hormone  

We all live full-on, busy, and stressful lives, which can lead to many of us suffering from stress. Stress can have a hugely negative impact on our day-to-day lives – it often means that we struggle to sleep, we feel anxious and cannot think straight. CBD interacts with the levels of cortisol in our brains, which is the hormone that causes us to feel stressed and helps to reduce the level of production so we can feel calm and collected. This is helpful when trying to get a good night’s sleep and can help us to regain focus so that we can function as normal.