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How to Improve Your Spouse’s Wardrobe in 2020

There’s no time like the New Year to reinvent your style. But what about your spouse’s style? Maybe your partner wants a wardrobe makeover, but they’re not very fashion minded. Or maybe you think your partner’s wardrobe is a little bit drab and doesn’t showcase their amazing personality. In any case, revamping your spouse’s wardrobe can be way more difficult than revamping your own.

Here’s how you can improve your spouse’s wardrobe in 2020—whether they asked for your help, or not.
Be Gentle

First things first: if your spouse didn’t exactly ask you to assist with a wardrobe makeover, then you should be very careful not to hurt their feelings while you go about improving their fashion—even if your spouse has a very subpar style of dress. While honesty is good in any marriage, you always want to lift up your spouse, and not put them down.

It might be better to make “subtle suggestions” rather than telling your spouse outright that they need a fashion boost. For example, you can buy your SO a nice jacket, and then suggest, “wouldn’t that look good with…?” When you’re able to get your spouse to wear something they look really good in, seize the opportunity to tell them just how good they look. Hopefully, this will inspire them to seek out other types of clothing that you’ll appreciate just as much.

Of course, if you and your partner enjoy a blunt relationship, you might just want to give them fashion recommendations without beating around the bush. It all depends on what your relationship is like.

Suit Their Personality

When you’re upgrading your spouse’s wardrobe, you want to make sure that whatever new fashion you pick for them also fits their personality. Pick clothing that brings out their best personality traits. For example, if your spouse is more into Goth stuff, don’t be afraid to pick out blacks, greys, and other darker colors (but you should add some color here and there). If your spouse enjoys bright colors, don’t be afraid to find them fashion that’s colorful (although you might want to balance that with some neutral-colored clothing). Don’t try and turn your spouse into someone they’re not.

Help Them Master the Casual Look

Your spouse probably has formal or business casual clothing (if not, you should definitely get that attire for them, but wait until you have everything else first). Bad fashion almost always happens with casual attire. Your spouse might be mixing up “casual clothing” with “loungewear.” Loungewear is that stuff we wear around the house—basketball shorts, robes, branded tees—that we don’t necessarily want to be wearing when we go out for Sunday brunch. Loungewear isn’t supposed to make any impressions—but casual clothing is.

Both men and women have the same casual clothing basics like these from H&M:

1-2 plain white/black tees
3-4 pairs of shorts (neutral-colored)
3-4 pairs of blue/black jeans
2-3 light jackets/outerwear (neutral-colored)
Once you’ve got the basics, you can start to add other types of clothing and colors.

Give Them Support

Don’t forget about shoes! Shoes can be difficult to buy for your spouse because style does not always equal comfort. Find a shoe style that you like (and which your spouse positively doesn’t hate) and give it to your spouse to try on. If they like the style, but not the fit, you can return the shoe and find a similar styled one with different insoles.

Nowadays, stylish running shoes are all the rage. So if your spouse does lots of running, you should get them supportive Altra shoes for women or men. Ankle support running shoes have the added benefit of keeping your spouse’s ankles cushioned and less battered after runs.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

Fashion accessories are the icing on the cake. Women typically wear jewelry, sunglasses, bracelets, purses, and hair pieces. Fashion accessories for men typically include sunglasses, watches, and male-oriented jewelry. These small accessories can add so much personality to your spouse’s wardrobe.

Cosmetics are Half the Battle

Cosmetics can make or break an outfit. If your man grows facial hair, you might consider buying him a shaving kit or an electric razor so he can keep himself nicely groomed. There’s nothing wrong with facial hair, but it should always be nicely trimmed no matter how long it is.

If you’re a man, buying cosmetics for your woman can be much more difficult. Pay attention to the brands that she enjoys, and be sure to do some research on essential hair care and skincare products.

It can be tricky to create a new wardrobe for your spouse, but if you follow these tips then you’ll be able to reinvent their whole style for 2020.