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Know All About The Top IVF Specialists in India

We never look forward to compromising on the doctor for undergoing any healthcare procedure. When it is about IVF, we are extra careful. Already this treatment is physically, mentally, and financially stressful. We look no further to suffer because of our wrong selection of the medical professional.

If you are planning for medical travel, then the Top IVF Specialist in India is Dr Parul Katiyar, working with one of the best treatment centres that is NOVA IVI FERTILITY CENTRE, India. She possesses extensive exposure in solving the most complicated infertility conditions and delivering successful results within the minimum possible time.

The doctor has practised IVF treatment on a considerable number of national and international patients and provided satisfactory results. Sixteen years of experience in performing the IVF procedure has helped her to understand the right method of treatment for the particular infertility issue.

Unique Features of The Top IVF Specialist in India

The doctor is not an expert in performing the treatment, but she is an expert consultant too. She serves many hospitals as an IVF consultant to provide the solution for the cases that do not avail the results even after the multiple cycles of IVF. She has successfully resolved the conditions that faced failure in the past.

She is a hysteroscopic surgeon and performs all the procedures very carefully. There is no way in which the treatment can create confusion, as she handles all the stages of IVF by herself and monitors the condition precisely after each phase.

Before initiating the procedure of the IVF treatment, the doctor talks to the couple personally and prepares them for IVF to avoid any complications later. She recommends the treatment method after the analysis of the prognosis reports. Both the male and female partner have to go under tests.

If the eggs and sperms of the couple are of the acceptable quality, then the doctor proceeds by retrieving the sperms and eggs from them. If the women do not produce the quality eggs, then the doctor switches to the donor eggs, and the same is the case with sperms.

After the artificial fertilisation of the quality eggs and the sperms, the resultant embryo is implanted in the uterus. If there are multiple resultant embryos, then some of the embryos are preserved to be used for the next cycle. In case the first cycle of IVF fails, the doctor has to restart with the second round.

The Top IVF Treatment Doctor in India, neither leaves the hope themselves nor allows the patients to give up. She aims to convert your dreams for the family into reality. Also, the charges of IVF treatment are highly affordable for patients.

Final Words:

Dr Parul Katiyar is just the one name amongst the top IVF professionals of the country; there are others experienced doctors also in India who focus on providing the successful surgeries. So, if you have not yet found the solution for your infertility, then plan your medical tourism to India to avail the happiness.