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Different Styles Of Cases And How They Protect iPhone Devices From Scratches And Cracks


iPhone is a global best-selling trademark with a large section of famous devices of customers’ best choice. It doesn’t matter whether you have the iPhone 11 pro max, the new iPhone 12, or the most affordable SE 2020. The best deal is the investment that is worth protecting. Proper protection prevents the iPhone from getting damaged since it takes small mistakes for the device’s back to get scratched or to crack the screen. However, protecting the handset is a cost-effective and straightforward way of minimizing repair expenses. Therefore, this article describes various iPhone cases in The Big Phone Store and how they reduce phone damages.

Pure, clear bullet shield is one of the iPhone cases featuring UV yellowing resistance for longevity clarity. The presence of ridges inside this case is useful for drop protection and soft feeling. Accordingly, a gap between the screen phone and the floor helps protect the phone when dropped while facing the screen. Its charging cut-outs, headphone jack, and volume are large and loose, leaving more space for any danger.

  • OtterBox STRADA SERIES Case

otterBox Strada is the next case available in the market for iPhone SE. It is sleek, slim, and pocket friendly, with a vertical cardholder slot for keeping the cards in place. The dual-material construction helps in providing maximum protection against bumps, scrapes, drops, and scratches. Accordingly, a book-style cover on this leather case is essential for screen protection against various damages. The case is slim to easily slip into the pocket, thus keeping weekends and week operations away from daily grinding. Besides, its polished latch is magnetic, designed for protection, and crafted for attention command.

  • Case Gold Glitter Silicone Case

The silicone case is another model for iPhone 7, making the phone shine like a night sky. It is very soft and sticky to grip the surface of the phone correctly. Accordingly, its construction constitutes a matte finish making the phone light and resistant to dust and fingerprints. The case is also useful in covering the phone sides and back, thus protecting them from cracking when dropping while the screen faces the floor.

  • Tech21 Evo Wallet

Evo Wallet is the next case used for protecting iPhone 6. Its sides and back use FlexShock hybrid protection material to dissipate and absorb force from long-distance falls and bumps. Accordingly, the case comes with a raised bezel that protects the screen facing down the floor. The screen cover contains a polyurethane for keeping the screen safe from cracks and scratches. Accordingly, the screen cover lining in the soft microfiber includes a slot for holding a credit card.

Final Verdict

iPhone protection against damages is one of the most crucial decisions every individual can take to ensure the phone is secure. For that reason, the Big Phone Store creates room for numerous cases used to keep iPhone free from dust and screen damages. Accordingly, the Big Phone Store helps provide affordable and efficient services based on the ability to source the best value and quality products on the market. Therefore, it is necessary to look for iPhone cases confidently, with the knowledge of getting the best quality and price to keep the iPhone safe. There is a need also for customers to visit  for more information to avoid future inconveniences