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Trending Saree Colour Combinations For Winter 2021

Colour defines your look, especially when you’re wearing a Saree. Try these colour combinations to look your best.

The Saree is a famous South-Asian women’s attire, not only in the subcontinent but all over the world. It is made from a long piece of cloth, 3.5 to 9 yards in length, draped around the body. There are different styles of draping, so much so that you can wear it many times over in new ways. Traditional Indian Sarees Birmingham are usually worn with a blouse covering the upper part of the body. It has a petticoat for the lower part, which helps tuck in the pleats of the Saree to hold it in place. It is an outfit fit for all purposes and can be worn for casual, formal, and semi-formal gatherings. 

The tremendous craftsmanship and artistic finesse displayed by skilled artisans in making a Saree is unmatched, and it is drawing interest far and wide, even from women who may not have tried a Saree before. Saree is timelessly elegant and has great value even in contemporary fashion. There is a range of exciting options for Saree lovers, but you need to know about the colour combinations to realise the full potential of this majestic dress. Like most other South Asian dresses, there is a diverse colour palette on offer, and based on what you choose, it can make or break your look. Here we tell you all about the trending Saree colour combinations so that you can make an informed decision. 

Trending Traditional Saree Colour Combinations 

Natural Green

Green is considered a very fresh colour to wear and is one of this season’s top Saree colour picks. Darker shades of green have particularly been in the spotlight this year. The darker shade is associated with personal growth, and upon wearing it, you will feel a rush of confidence. A green Sarees not only depicts freshness and newness but also has a classy aspect to it. You can amplify the look by pairing up your green Saree with shades of reds and pinks. 

Wine & Ruby Red

Red Sarees really never go out of fashion. In 2021, both wine and ruby red have been top colour picks for Sarees. These hues are bold and beautiful and uplift your entire personality. When you wear red, you make a distinct fashion statement that always draws attention. If you are one who doesn’t shy away from standing out in a crowd, this is the colour for you. Pair it up with shades of dull gold or black, and you will look amazing!  

Golden Saree Combinations

Gold as a colour has always grabbed people’s imagination and remains a constant fixture of fashion, and this year has been no exception. Gold is a colour of luxury and opulence and can take on a regal essence. Pair it with a black or dark red blouse for the ultimate chic look. 

Pink Sarees Combinations

Pink is one of the most romantic colours; it radiates sensuality and happiness. It’s a colour that works well with all skin tones and provides ample room for experimentation. It works best when complemented with navy yellow and blue colours. It also looks gorgeous with hues of black, greys and greens. 

Bright Happening Yellow

Yellow is a colour of warmth, positivity, and cheerfulness. Yellow Sarees look lively from even a distance, and yellow silk Sarees take it to the next level. There is no limit to how much you can personalise this colour. Wearing a yellow Saree is a sure-fire way to draw attention to your beauty and be the centre of attention. It’s a hot favourite at weddings for this very reason. Pair it up with Fushia pink, and you will be ready to own any event. 


Orange Sarees are having something of a renaissance. Orange Sarees have been frequently seen on runways lately, and that is a reflection of wider adoption. It’s a striking tone and is often associated with rich traditions, like Mehndi on weddings. There are various adaptations of orange colour Sarees, woven in various textures like crepe, silk, cotton, georgette and net. You can pair it up with black or gold for a complete look.

Get Your Favourite Colour From Atiya Choudhury 

Traditional Indian Sarees have as much of a diversity of colour as the people of the region. It’s a piece of clothing steeped in history and culture, and the right colour combination is at the heart of its appeal. It’s a must-have fashion statement for your wardrobe. Atiya Choudhury — a Birmingham based South-Asian fashion brand — brings you a wide range of colours with a focus on traditional combinations. It’s your one-stop shop to get trending Saree colours. 

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