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Hair Loss: How Hair Transplant Can Help?

“Hair is God’s beautiful gift to human race” which enhances one’s beauty as is the first thing apreciated at an eye level. But unfortunately for some people it doesn’t last longer as they suffer from hair loss. The one who is suffering from it could only understand how horrific it is to lose your hair. It affects one’s personal, social and professional life to a major extend. People often neglect the alarming signs of hair loss unless noticeable and regret later.

Hair loss causes:

  1. Male and female pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia: It is hereditary form of hair loss in men and women and is characterized by gradual receding hairline followed by thinning of hair also termed miniaturization effects. The hair loss mainly includes the frontal and vertex portion of scalp leaving a band of hair in the occipital area (back and side of the head). The frontal and vertex portion are involved more as the hair follicles resides there are androgen sensitive and follows thinning and finally losing due to oversensitivity.
  2. Usage of Hot tools ( Hair straightener, hair curler)
  3. Hot baths
  4. Stress
  5. Chemical straightening
  6. Tight braiding
  7. Post menopausal hormonal change
  8. Medications (anti depressants, anti anxiety and anti psychotics)
  9. Sleep deprivation
  10. Poor nutrition

How Hair transplant can help?

After losing a noticeable amount of hair people often look for remedies to control hair loss but till now nothing seems successful. Hair transplantation seems to be the only permanent solution for hair loss which once performed judiciously could stay for life long.

People often have lack of idea regarding hair transplant procedure and have unrealistic expectations from it. Hair transplantation is defined as restoration of hair which involves shifting of hair from back and side of the head (donor area) to the recipient area. It is absolutely a restoration procedure and not a regeneration procedure. If anyone is facing any kind of baldness or wish to change their hairline pattern for aesthetic purposes could undergo hair transplantation procedure after assessing their feasibility for the procedure by consultant doctors.

The basic procedure of hair transplantation includes graft harvesting from the donor area followed by segregation of grafts and then implantation of grafts at the recipient area.

Graft harvesting could be done by 2 primary methods:

  1. FUT Hair transplant (Follicular unit transplantation or strip technique): It contains the extraction of slim part of the scalp in strip form followed by splitting follicular grafts under high magnification and then implantation of grafts at recipient area. An average of 3000-3500 grafts can be extracted.
  2. FUE Hair traHair Loss: How Hair Transplant Can Help?
  3. nsplant (Follicular unit extraction): This method includes the extraction of individual ‘follicular units’ with the assistance of manual or motorized surgical device followed by implantation of graft at recipient area. An average of 2000-2500 grafts can be extracted.

The choice of technique depends on Norwood’s classification of extent of hair loss, age of the patient, quality and quantity of your available donor hair and area of baldness. The choice of technique preferred should be made judiciously for best outcome of hair transplant and long term benefits of the patients. Nowadays, latest techniques like combination of FUT and FUE are performed for extensive male pattern baldness cases. Combination technique is preferred when large number of grafts (>4000 grafts) are required as cannot be performed by either method alone.

Hair transplant could be a life changing experience for you if performed by right surgeon. Hence, for hair transplant to be successful it is mandatory to research for a suitable surgeon who has expertise and excellence in this field.

“Medispa hair transplant centre” in Delhi and Jaipur offers their patients the best possible results and believes in taking judicious decisions which are best for long term benefits. As we have fully equipped infrastructure with latest technology to perform either technique, we believe in deciding the technique which is in the best interest of patients. We are constantly flooding our centre with latest innovative technology for maintaining international standards to deliver best and fruitful results.

Dr Suneet Soni: the founder of “Medispa centre” is one of the forerunners in the field of hair transplantation and is renowned for his farsighted approach to deliver best results and benefit of long term. He is well known for introducing the bio- stimulated combination technique of FUT +FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi and Jaipur.

His excellent surgical skills and extraordinary artistic skills to replicate natural hairline have crowned him as one of the best hair transplant surgeons of India.