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Beware Of the Health Hazards That a Faulty Mattress Can Pose

You very well know that almost one-third of an average person’s life is spent sleeping or resting. And most of the times you rest in your bedroom rather than adjusting on the couch or sofa. This means the mattress placed in your bedroom plays a vital role in you being able to get adequate rest. And you might not be completely aware of this fact, but the pattern, duration, and quality of your daily sleep are indeed directly responsible for your optimum fitness levels and overall good health condition.

Problems Arising in Your Mattresses


As mentioned above, your sleep is extremely important in leading a healthy life. But unfortunately, the millennial generation has already been badly entangled in sleep-related problems such as sleep deprivation, insomnia, stress, etc. On top of that, if the mattress becomes old or has some faulty setup, it just increases the degree of sleep deprivation to the next level due to allergies, back pain, neck pain, etc.

And this doesn’t stop here. Inadequate sleep in turn also causes a whole lot of health problems for you.

Potential Health Hazards You Need to Beware Of

Following are some of the physical and mental ailments that you might, unfortunately, acquire if don’t change your faulty mattresses soon:

  • Weak Immunity System

When you are ill or sick, it is your immunity that helps the body to combat the illness and get back to normal homeostasis. To get a little more in details, when you are ill, there’s some bacterial infection entering your body and creating a hostile environment in your body. In such condition, proteins called as cytokines are responsible for restricting this infection or inflammation, and eventually to eliminate it. Now what’s important to note, is that this protein cytokine, is released by your immune system, only whilst you are fast asleep. So summing things up, inadequate sleep directly weakens your immunity.

  • Stimulates Overeating & Resultant Obesity

The hormone which is responsible for your urges to eat or not eat is called Hormone “Leptin.” Leptin controls all your urges to eat more and more. But lack of enough sleep reduces the level of leptin released by the immune system. This induces you to eat more and more and to eat at irregular intervals. All this, in turn, causes obesity.

  • Impaired Cognitive Function

Rapid Eye Movements (REM) is the deepest sleeping condition that every human experiencing at different stages in their daily sleep. This REM sleep involves faster breathing and quicker heart rate, but most importantly it is responsible for the majority of your memory restorations. Inability to sleep directly leads to an inability to get REM sleep, which thus causes impairment in your cognitive function.

  • Irritation and Increased Stress levels

It is the most common effect of insufficient sleep. A person who hasn’t slept well often experiences constant irritation with slightest of problems. And this, in turn, increases the stress levels, anxiety, hormonal imbalance, etc.

To avoid all the potential health hazards due to faulty mattresses, you must analyze all the mattress brands and choose from the best options for mattresses available based on factors like durability, ergonomics, dust resistance feature, etc.


Sleeping is the most underrated aspect of human life since forever. But in fact, it is the most important thing in your life. It has direct implications for your healthy lifestyle. Sleep is however often seen to be affected by faulty mattresses and that in turn causes problems like Stress, Anxiety, Obesity, heart problems, memory problems, etc. And therefore it is important to ensure that your mattress is free from all the possible problems which can hamper your sleep.