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10 Tips to Get a Whiter Smile

Everyone loves beauty tips, especially how to get a white smile just in time for summer. So what are the top 10 tips you can try to brighten your smile, improve your confidence, and get rid of yellow stains?

Brush your teeth

The first tip to a brighter, whiter smile is to brush your teeth regularly. This is something often overlooked but no matter how many teeth whitening strips or kits you try to use, it won’t make up for not brushing your teeth at the right time. It is always best to brush your teeth directly before you go to sleep and immediately after you wake up. If you consume staining materials like red wine or coffee, brush your teeth throughout the day to help alleviate those stains as well. While you are sleeping, any bacteria in your mouth has an opportunity to build up because your saliva doesn’t wash away like it does during the day. Any plaque that builds up overnight on your teeth until you brush your teeth in the morning and the longer you let it sit, the worse things can get.


Make sure you floss your teeth regularly. Flossing is one of the most overlooked aspects of dental care and yet, you have four sides to each tooth and brushing only has two of those. So if you want to get a whiter smile, you need to make sure you are reaching all four sides of your teeth and doing so regularly. If you practice flossing your teeth with your eyes closed instead of in front of a mirror, you will develop the muscle memory to actively floss your teeth no matter where you are.

Replace your toothbrush regularly

On that note, make sure to replace your toothbrush regularly. When you visit your dentist twice per year you should get a new toothbrush, but that shouldn’t be the only time that you replace what you have at home. Even if you use an electric toothbrush, the toothbrush head should be replaced every two or three months so that you avoid a buildup of bacteria that just gets transferred back and forth in your mouth.

Use home treatments

Use home whitening treatments, but don’t do them too often. Talk to your dentist about which whitening treatments are best for your situation, and how often. Whitening strips or over-the-counter products can offer a fast, affordable way to whiten your teeth quickly, especially if you only need to whiten your teeth before an event or a vacation.

Get professional treatment

If you need something more permanent, consider scheduling an in-office laser bleaching or similar light activated bleaching. Your dentist can go over what options they offer.

Eat cleaning foods

Some foods clean your teeth more naturally than other foods. Harder, crispy or foods like raw carrots, celery, even apples can be eaten at the end of your meal to help brush away and clean your teeth without having to reach for that toothbrush multiple times per day. The more of these foods you put into your diet, the faster you will have a whiter smile.

Avoid staining foods

In order to get a whiter smile, avoid things that stain your teeth or rinse your mouth with water after you eat them or drink them. You don’t have to give up blackberries, beets, red wine, coffee, or tea in order to get a whiter smile. Instead, be sure to sip water after you have consumed these items to help flush anything remaining from your mouth.

Use a dentist

Always rely on your dentist for more serious teeth whitening procedures. If, for example, you have feelings, crowns, or veneers, you can use dental whitening procedures over the counter or at home, but they won’t change the color of your veneers or your feelings. Instead you should meet with your dentist to see how they can help.

Avoid tobacco

If you can, avoid tobacco altogether. Tobacco from smoking cigarettes can cause bad breath, gum disease, and is one of the largest contributors to tooth discoloration.

Check your medications

Finally, check what medications you are on. Certain medications like chlorhexidine and tetracycline have side effects like staining your teeth. If you are on medications that have this risk, make sure you discuss the medications you are taking with your dentist so they can go over what alternatives you can do to get a whiter smile while still taking care of your physical health. 

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