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Monogram Christmas Wreath Tutorial

DIY Christmas Wreath

Monogram Christmas Wreath Tutorial

Monogram Christmas Wreath

This has got to be the easiest wreath ever!
Here is a list of supplies you may find helpful
(Depending on what style, you can keep this wreath under 20.00) Yes indeed!!!
One grapevine wreath.

christmas wreath DIY 001

One Wooden letter (Hobby Lobby)

christmas wreath DIY 002

Shatter proof balls

christmas wreath DIY 003

Fun ribbon and net!

christmas wreath DIY 004

Craft paint

christmas wreath DIY 005

Picks (Hobby Lobby)

christmas wreath DIY 006

I started off by painting my letter.

DIY Christmas wreath 019

Adding polka dots!

initial christmas wreath 002

Love this!

initial christmas wreath 003

And tiny ones…

initial christmas wreath 004

I used a pencil eraser.

initial christmas wreath 005

I then started adding my Christmas balls..
DIY Christmas wreath 020
DIY Christmas wreath 022
With the net I did the same thing…
Making a bow…easy.
DIY Christmas wreath 024
After I tied my bow tight I then cut the loops.
DIY Christmas wreath 026
To make this!
initial christmas wreath 001
After my letter dried I drilled a few tiny holes to attach it to my wreath.
I tied it on with fishing string 😉
For the ribbon, I just tied them on.

Monogram Christmas Wreath

Adding the picks filled in the empty spots and made it super cute!
DIY Christmas wreath 013
Fun thing about this wreath…there is no wrong way 🙂
DIY Christmas wreath 012
Just fun!