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Is it Hard to Live With a Dog?

This is a common question that non-dog people ask themselves and dog people. If, in their minds, the answer to this question is “Yes” or has too many “If” clauses, the person asking it may never want to have a dog. But, if the answer says that living with a dog isn’t all that difficult, you might see an entirely different picture. We’ve decided to take a look at the realities of living with a dog. Let’s strip the routine of a dog person and see how having a canine pet impacts their routine, stress levels, spare time and comfort.


Routine and scheduling are important things for a dog. Yes, you can be a long-sleeper or a morning, evening person, etc. However, you can’t plop in random things into your agenda too often. That is truly stressful for a dog and causes them to become agitated and anxious.

If they know when you’re going to feed, groom, walk them, they’re happy. This means that people with non-flexible working schedules and those, who are putting in overtime don’t have the best compatibility. A dog needs a person to be there for most of the time. Unlike cats or other pets, dogs don’t do well if they’re left alone for too long.

So, if you are working long hours or have a very unpredictable schedule, living with a dog is hard. On the other hand, self-employed people or stay-at-home’s as well as individuals with more at-home lifestyle won’t have any issues.

Stress levels

Turns out that being with a dog actually reduces your stress level. Well, let’s ignore the fact when they’ve done something bad or keep barking/whining in the middle of the night. What we mean to say is that when you pet and be next to a friendly dog, your body produces happiness and excitement hormones.

Thanks to this, therapy dogs exist. In fact, having a dog solves a whole lot of problems in your life. If you’re single and feel lonely at times, it’s not fun. Stress levels can get completely off the charts when you’re alone for too long. Luckily, a dog is always by your side and ready to interact, play, snuggle, show affection and please you. That’s super hard to find in other people, hence a dog is your friend forever.

Besides, factor in the added security in your home. No trespassers or wrongdoers can escape the attentiveness of a guard dog. Most of them are super light sleepers and have great senses of smell which means that your property is kept safe almost 24/7.

Leisure (spare time)

Yes, having a dog requires a sacrifice. You can’t be out for too long or travel too much if you want a happy dog in your home. Dogs have severe separation anxiety and being away for too long causes them to stress out as well as lose that connection over time. Whilst they will always remember the smell and look of their owner, it’s never a good idea to adopt or purchase a dog when you’re not living a settled life.

Besides, things like grooming, feeding, walks and other activities also make a dent into your spare time. But, it’s actually very rewarding and enriching when you can spend some quality time with your pet. Just remember that when it comes to grooming, you have to be aware and in the know of what you doing. Blogs like Our Pets Mag have the greatest articles on choosing the right grooming equipment, like this one on electric nail grinders – And you also have other insightful pieces about toys, dog beds, etc. on there.


A dog won’t disrupt your daily comfort. They aren’t as invasive as cats, for example. A dog is perfectly fine wherever you make place for them. Whether it be on the bed, the sofa, in the corner where you put their den or outside, the canine pet will adapt and make the best of their current living situation.

All they need is some time together and affection from you. Training is important early on. If you don’t socialise and train your puppy enough, once they have grown, it becomes that much harder to get them to listen to you and obey commands. But, don’t forget that it’s only a matter of training and discipline. Dogs are domesticated animals. Pretty much every single one of them is eager and hardwired to please you. The objective for the human is to just allow that nature to surface. 

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