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Choose The Right Window For Your Room

What’s the best window for your room? It might seem like a simple question, but there are many things to consider. For example, do you want a window that has more than one pane of glass? Do you need it to be operable or fixed? If I want to relax while reading a book, I take a seat in the armchair near the window, next to the table, for the glass of juice that accompanies me reading. Your window is an important part of your home. It can affect how well you sleep, the amount of light in your room, and the temperature control.

Over time, each room in the house becomes responsible for specific functions. Consider it when you are furnishing your home, and you will see that you will increase your well-being even more.

The same goes for the choice of windows! The best solution for your dining room is different from the bathroom or bedroom.

Today, Panorama Windows will give you some ideas on just that.

The windows suitable for the hall

The living room is perhaps the place that lends itself to multiple activities throughout the day. The arrangement of the furniture defines the spaces and, therefore, must always be taken into consideration. If there is a table near the window, consider a window that can be opened by sliding. 

The ideal positioning of the windows also takes into account how the sun beats during the day. Sunday afternoon dedicated to your favourite series on Netflix cannot become a battle against that annoying reflection on the TV. Just like summer afternoons, I’m sure you’d rather avoid the sauna effect.

Large panoramic windows such as lift and slide windows are ideal for keeping your living area bright and creating continuity with the outside, whether it’s a garden or a terrace.

By choosing double glazing with triple laminated glass, you can also ensure excellent thermal insulation performance, reducing summer heat and winter cold.

You can also create your reading area with a window positioned in the corner of the room.

Plus, two windows on at least two different sides will help keep your living area more ventilated. The air will thus cross the room, passing from one to the other.

Choose windows for the kitchen

On weekdays I consume more time in the kitchen than in the dining room. This is why I want it to be a welcoming environment and not a wild place of passage. 

In a kitchen, the counter and sink are the focal points, which can be enhanced with a large window—may be sliding, to let in more light and make it less bulky. You never know that on a hasty lunch break, we drop some jars of spices with the window sash. 

Sight is also essential. A window at the sink, as mentioned, is functional. However, it also depends on what you are in front of watching your neighbour’s garage every time you wash the dishes may not be ideal.

The kitchen is also the realm of humidity and smells.  Windows can do its part by helping you balance them. Choose fixtures that are impervious to humidity and that do not deteriorate in contact with water. Perhaps in this room, it is better not to opt for wood.

A great ally in the kitchen is Prolux Swing, which allows you to modulate the degree of opening during household chores. Is the pasta ready, and you need to pour boiling water? You can position the door halfway to fade the created cloud of steam quickly. 

Has it ever happened to you to cook something very fragrant or maybe to fry and then have to leave the house? You can’t keep the windows open. Yet even the thought of going home and receiving such a welcome does not suit you.

Choose windows for the bedroom

The bedroom must be a haven of peace and tranquillity. And, of course, creating the best conditions for sleep. Here the first feature that I recommend when choosing the fixtures is sound insulation. Especially if the windows face roads with traffic or if your street is a meeting place and noises even until late.

When placing your windows, consider which side you are on to get the most out of natural light. But be careful not to forget that it is also the place where you want more privacy.

The arrangement of the bed is essential. The window on the headboard is highly discouraged for ease of opening, blocked views and cold winter air.

Each room has its characteristics, and one type of fixture may be more suitable than another.

What doesn’t change anywhere in the house is the importance of feeling safe. This is also a parameter that I advise you to evaluate in your choice of new windows.