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Parenting Apps Every Parent Needs to Know About

Taking care of newborns was much easier in the past because unlike the z-generation children they were much calmer and more civilized. One thing to blame that hyperactivity can be the exposure to digital devices 24/7 but that isn’t something we can control or reduce.

However, you can use that technology to your advantage and make your life a bit easier. Here are a few parental softwares used by all parents and guardians. They call them heavenly gifts!


This is compatible with both IOS and Android devices. Everyone likes to make memories especially of their young ones who tend to change and grow each day. So if you don’t want your phone to be clogged up with lots of photos. Parental control app will help you save storage in your phone and store it in Tinybean.


This phone tracker app is liable with whichever mobile operating software you use. You can agree to disagree but new moms have the hardest time when babies are born. They have to take care of them 24/7 and be out of all social gatherings because taking all their things out is a hassle – also unexpected baby reactions are tough to deal with. Hence peanut will help you connect with like-minded people and get the socialization they need because they know what the other is going through.


If you’re handing over a device to your young one and scared that they can wonder of the dark side of the internet. Then this will protect your child and block all those things which can harm their little mind. Also, they are for older ones who go to school and back from there by themselves, it has a feature that can track them and you can be assured that they’re never wandering off.

Sound Sleeper

During the first twelve months of their life, it is difficult to make babies sleep. Also once they are asleep you have to be very quiet the littlest sound can wake them up – it’s like the have dog’s hearing sense. This will emit a white sound noise that keeps the baby calm. If your lullabies keep him/her calm you can even record them and there will be played the whole time they are asleep. The best part you get to do your job whilst they sleep and the app is completely free to use.

Cloud baby monitor

This comes in helpful for those parents who have a two-floored house and the rooms are upstairs while the work station like kitchen, laundry room, and study room are downstairs.
This will alert them once the baby is awake and needs their attention. This helps new mommies and daddies take some time off and do other jobs without having to constantly worry about what is happening upstairs. Also, the monitor is two-way talking; if you are away you can talk to them and make them peaceful until you reach the room.

It is indeed a hard job taking care of a young one but if you are organized disciplined and plan things you will be able to get things done. Also instead of stressing all the time enjoy this time because it won’t be coming back. This is a chance for you to enjoy your childhood all over again

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