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Explore Tracking Devices for Cars

Every year, the tech world keeps rolling out more innovative solutions to solve one problem or another. At long last, car tracking has finally become a dream-come-true reality for fleet managers, drivers, and car owners.

Today, with GPS tracking technology and intelligent camera systems, you can sit at home while monitoring the whereabouts of your commercial vehicle and also the behavior of the driver.

The Benefits of Tracking Devices for Cars

Want to explore tracking devices for cars? Here are 5 ways in which tracking devices for cars are changing the future of the automobile industry.

Simplifying the Job of Fleet Managers Management

Fleet companies hire fleet managers to oversee the operation of their vast fleets of commercial vehicles. But without using the right technology, how can fleet managers monitor their cars, trucks, and other vehicles when they are several miles away from the site? The answer lies in the remote car tracking systems offered by Eyeride.

These tools allow managers to have a real-time view of a vehicle’s location, speed, braking incidents, and other important data. The rise of the internet, CCTV cameras and GPS technology, has made it possible for managers to install advanced tracking devices to their fleet. Without it, fleet management would still be a lot hard than it is today.

Decreases Vehicle Theft

When smart onboard cameras are installed on cars, vehicle theft cases will go down. The reason is that GPS trackers and surveillance cameras can help police to trace stolen cars. In some cases, it’s possible to quickly recover stolen cars fitted with tracking devices provided police respond quickly.

Prevents Unauthorized Vehicle Usage

If you turn on a geo-fence functionality for your car, you can get notifications through email or SMS if your car is taken from your garage or parking lot without your permission.

Also, when fleet companies install GPS trackers to their vehicles, drivers will be reluctant to use company cars to take on side jobs. Since drivers know they’re being tracked everywhere, they can’t hide their location or disguise their mileage. In the end, fuel c will reduce when drivers don’t misuse company cars.

Reduces Road Accidents

Fleet companies lose money when their vehicles are involved in road accidents. Cars may be damaged, goods may be lost, people may suffer injuries or death, and finally there may be lawsuits to settle. Reckless driving is often a cause of road accidents.

But with car tracking devices, fleet managers can monitor drivers and caution them accordingly if they drive carelessly.  This can help reduce the number of accident cases a company is involved in. With fewer accidents, more money will be saved. Infiniti Tracking can help you know the best tracker for you and your business.

Lower Insurance Costs

Insurance companies are very much aware that tracked cars are relatively safe compared to non-tracked cars. Because tracked vehicles can easily be recovered after being stolen, and are less likely to be involved in accidents, insurance companies normally reduce their premiums.

In conclusion, it’s important for fleet companies to explore car tracking devices to boost their productivity, while also ensuring driver and vehicle safety.