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Things to Keep in Mind While Comparing Electric Water Heaters

First of all, before buying an electric water heater, you must have a vivid knowledge of the component. This machine is an automated water heating machine that heats the water once you switch it on. It heats the water inside the tank of the device and supplies the warm water through your outlet.

But when you are buying it or any other similar machine, you need to keep few things in mind, so that it is worth your money. In this article, you will have a basic idea of how to choose the best one from so many options available around you.

What are the points you must follow before buying:

  • Price:-

Electric water heaters come with different prices in the market, whose primary function is to give you warm water. The prices vary due to its size, brand, and components made up of. If you pay more, better will be your water heater, but to spend a considerable amount of money is not necessary for a single water heater.

The main thing that you should keep in mind is its water capacity or size, i.e., how much water it can store in for single use. Size fluctuates between 3L to 8L on which the price depends. It would be wise of you to buy a water heater of 5l to 6L, as they are not high priced nor low priced.

Try to buy water heaters during summer as the prices come down due to its low demand.

  • Warranty period:-

While buying electric water heaters, you must always compare the warranty period of the machine. Different brands render different warranty periods for the component, as the electrical product often breaks down. Thus a customer needs to opt for the water heater that has given the most warranty time for its machine.

The warranty period starts from the day you buy the machine, not from the day when it has been manufactured. You must also check whether they have options for extending the water heater, as several companies give this support to their customers.

  • Heating rods inside the machine:-

The main thing that heats the water inside is the heating rods equipped inside the electric water heater. These rods are made up of different materials which you should compare before buying it. It can be made up of alloys, bronze, and many others. Thus you should always examine the components inside the machine when opting.

  • Power efficiency:-

The heating of water with the help of this machine consumes a lot of electric power, leaving behind a large sum of the bill at the end of the month. The best tankless water heaters must intake the least amount of energy to do the job. Several brands developed water heaters that gobble up minimum electricity to heat the water.

  • Installation cost:-

It is also an important point to compare electric water heaters before installing it. Ask the seller that does the price of the water heater includes its installation cost, if not, go for those who give this facility to the customers.