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Men’s Fashion Tips and Style Guides

What are some men’s fashion tips and style guides to keep in mind?

Men’s fashion can sometimes be difficult, but there are a few things that are vital to not only looking good but also feeling good. When it comes to finding the right clothes for you, understanding your body type is crucial. Knowing what works best with your frame will help guide you towards what looks good on you. Some other key steps include knowing how Commes de garcon clothes should fit, which colors work well together, and accessorizing appropriately. If you follow these simple tips then shopping for new outfits should become much easier! 

What does clothing size mean? Clothing size is how large or small an article of clothing is decided upon by measuring certain dimensions such as chest circumference, waist circumference, inside leg length and sleeve length. Many countries use an alphanumeric system of size indication based around the ‘ chest measurement ‘, however there are many different sizing systems throughout the world. These can be based on various measurements such as waist circumference, inside leg length and even the width of a seat in a chair or sofa; this is usually referred to as the furniture zone system.

Some men’s fashion tips and style guides:

– Undergarments: A must!  Boxers for everyday wear and briefs when wearing tighter fitting pants (to prevent show through) 


Add some color to your outfit with colorful cufflinks. Men’s cuffs come in three different types: Military which have straps that go through the sleeve and buttons at the end to hold them in place, Barrel which have a long tube that slips through the sleeve and a button on the end which attaches to a flap of fabric sewn to the backside of the cuff, and French cuffs which are made from 2 separate pieces of fabric with one end slipped inside the other then folded back. The sleeves can be different sizes from bottom to top or even different colors!

Shirt Collar: 

Shirts come in all sorts of shapes and sizes but some are better suited for certain face shapes than others. This means that when you’re buying antisocial social club shirt, it’s important to pay attention not only to what you like but also keep in mind what works best for your look. For example, if you have a large face and/or wide jaw, then larger collars are recommended for balance. If you have long hair, make sure to tuck your collar in to avoid wearing an upturned collar which can look messy.


The other half of the outfit is the shoes. When picking out shoes, make sure they are clean before putting them on because scuffed shoes are best left at the bottom of your closet. Also be mindful that dark colors can absorb heat while lighter colors reflect it. For example, black leather absorbs heat much faster than light colored canvas or cotton fabric sneakers that help keep feet cool while still looking great!

Breathable Fabrics for Comfort:

In warmer climates or during summer months, the fabric of your clothes plays a pivotal role in your comfort. While cotton remains a classic choice, linen is an excellent alternative for those hot and humid days. Linen is breathable, lightweight, and has a distinct texture that adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit. If you’re considering diversifying your wardrobe with this fabric, check out these linen shirts that can elevate your style while keeping you cool.


A belt should match both your clothing and shoes so when picking one out, make sure to do some research first. Also avoid wearing belts that are too wide, as this can give the appearance of business around the waist which should be avoided at all costs!


Most men like wearing sunglasses but they become even more important in the winter when it’s harder for us to get vitamin d from the sun (which helps keep our mood up). Protect your eyes with stylish glasses and show off your cool personality by picking sunglasses that fit your style.


When wearing neckties, you’ll want to wear one long enough so that it covers your belt or slightly longer. If it’s shorter than that then you risk having an untucked shirt which is best avoided. One tip to remember is to always act confident, as if you’ve got it together even if you don’t!


When wearing caps, make sure they fit tightly on your head without squeezing too much. It’s also best to wear them straight across rather than at an angle or backwards.

Facial Hair: 

When growing facial hair, remember to find the line between too little and too much because otherwise you’ll look unkempt! Also be mindful of neck beard which can make people not want to come near you 


Moisturize before heading out into the outside world in order to prevent dry patches on your face which will draw more attention than they’re worth. Keep in mind that tanning isn’t healthy so avoid getting burnt by re-applying sunscreen throughout the day!

Spice up your style: 

One great way to stand out from the crowd, even if you’re going for a simple look is by wearing a scarf. They can warm you up during cold weather and give color to what would otherwise be a plain outfit!


Darker colors absorb heat more easily so they should be given preference when it’s hot outside. On the other hand, lighter colors reflect heat so they are good for milder climates or those who want to show off their tattoos!

Buttoned Up:

 When buttoning up shirts, always start from the top and work your way down because otherwise your buttons will end up not lining up which looks messy. Also remember that some people have wider necks than others, which is why it’s important to pick the right size. If you’re trying on a new shirt and it’s pulling or tightening around the neck then go up one size because otherwise the fabric will bunch up and look terrible.

Dressing for Career Success: 

If you want to succeed in your career, grab yourself a nice set of dress clothes and get ready to impress! Dress shirts with collars are usually best and if they aren’t completely buttoned up then make sure that there is only one or two buttons left undone to show your personality without looking too messy. Also remember when wearing ties to follow our tips above when picking them out.

Gentlemen’s Class: 

When putting outfits together, always start from the bottom up but make sure not to wear shoes that are too casual! Instead, go for the classy leather shoes that look good with any outfit.

Button up Shirts: 

When wearing a button up shirt, try to have at least one button undone so you can show some skin without looking too messy or dirty. Leaving two buttons undone is perfect because it’s not too much but also shows enough bare skin to look sexy! If you’re not feeling confident than simply leave all of your buttons done up and no one will be able to notice the difference 

Shirt Collar Shape: 

When wearing shirts with collars, make sure they are wide enough so that they keep the points down which makes it easier for people to see your face instead of focusing on your neck. Also remember to check if your collar looks big or small compared to your face and neck which will determine whether you choose a bigger or smaller size.