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6 Modern Miracles Gamblers Use to Win

The term miracle is more often is associated with religion, but it does exist in everyday life outside the realm of creed. If you oversee the history of gambling the evolution of tools to beat house edge is stupendous. These tools considerable negate house edge. A great way to pave consistent wins is to use these available tools judiciously. Modern technology is ready to lend a helping hand to gamblers, especially if you are acquainted with those. Online gambling is not a single homogeneous activity, there are different forms including horse and sports betting, lotteries, EGMs, card and table games like roulette and craps.

Here follows six modern techniques to beat house edge.

1) RTP

Many beginners are unaware about house edge and RTP (return to player), but as they proceed they learn about these terms. Knowledge is power and this applies to gamblers, if you are avid learner some tools can negate house edge to some extent. There are many articles and digital content about RTP, which gives an insight about it. You can search about return number for any casino game and stake at the highest return number game.

2) Digital encyclopedia

Nowadays internet is digital encyclopedia; you can get information about anything under the sun.   The internet and smartphones provides relevant information about a new title, and mostly like to find its RTP and any strategy applicable to it. Online gambling offers an array of stakes from high to low ,earlier gamblers were compelled to stake $5 or $10 per spin or hand now the stake has come down to $1 or less.

3) Software

Earlier if you wanted to calculate return to player you would need pen and paper to do some intricate computation.   It was intricate, time consuming and inclined to mistakes. The same applies to figure out best strategy for a casino game. Many papers would go to waste box, and trial and error method was the only solution. Even mathematicians were puzzled to find the apt strategy. But with technology and software you can find the best strategy for every casino games.

4) Avoid high house edge games

 Your chance of winning with casino games with high house edge is dreadful.  For instance Keno have a house edge of 35%, it is incredibly difficult to match all twenty numbers on a twenty spot ticket. Your chance of winning is 1 in 3,535,316,142,212,174,,336 (3.5 quintillion).

5) Practice makes near perfect

If there is an exception from the saying “house always wins”, then video poker is the bet.  The house edge is meager 0.46%. To take advantage of this low house edge you need to practice hard, proficient players always win at dominoqq video poker games. 

6) Streaming data

Real time data is crucial if you are a sport bettor. Earlier information was stale, no way to access up to date data, now you can get latest information about any major sports event happening anywhere in the earth. Now you can bet on live sports events. But as there is too much data you must learn to discard the noise and pick the relevant data as fast as possible.