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Can an Instapot Improve Your Health?

People nowadays find difficult to maintain their health, because of their busy lifestyle. They have numerous everyday commitments, to their family, to their job, and to their community. Cooking and meal preparations are their last priorities. They prefer to eat convenience or takeout foods, because they do not have to spend time preparing them. But these foods harm your health, because they do not offer your body the needed nutrients. The majority of people who eat convenience food have weight issues, and in order for them to regain their healthy shape, they have to become more aware of the aliments they put in their bodies.

This is your lucky day, because if you are looking for a simple way to improve your health, and to lose weight, this article will show you, how an instant pot will help you eat healthier. You will be amazed to find out that a single appliance will help you put together a nutritious meal, and you can do it in a short period. The persons, who use it, consider it a magic tool, because it has numerous features, it is a steamer, a slow cooker, an electric pressure cooker, and a warming pot. Here is how the instapot will change your life, and will help you improve your health.

You can prepare desserts that do not sabotage your diet

The majority of diets exclude desserts, but they exclude the ones prepared in a traditional manner. If you have an instant pot in your kitchen, you can cook low-fat desserts that contain a small amount of sugar. With its help, you can prepare cheesecakes, key lime pies and chocolate lava cakes.

You can easily respect a short-term diet plan

The persons, who are dealing with weight issues, often try the Whole30 diet. However, very few people complete the diet, because it requires them to wait for the vegetables to be roasted in the oven, because this diet has a short list of ingredients you can include in your meals. Because people are so busy nowadays, they do not have time to prepare their meals a night-ahead for a month. An instant pot not only that reduces the cooking time, but also helps you mix and match the ingredients in a creative manner.

You can easily plan your meals

If you want to change your eating habits, and to start preparing healthier meals you will have to make a plan. If you have a plan with your meals for the entire week, let’s say, you will not be tempted to get takeout foods. You should decide what the base of your dishes will be for the next 2 or 3 days, and then add various components to diversify the meals. If you want a healthy base, you should use quinoa or brown rice.

The instapot helps you preserve the taste of vegetables

The majority of instant pots available on the market have features that allow you to infuse flavour into vegetables. People have issues with eating some vegetables, but if they can quickly infuse them with flavours, they will have no issues to eat more of them, and include them in all their meals. Sweet potatoes and kales will taste better if you cook them in an instant pot rather than using your microwave.

You can easily cook your meals at home

When you get home from work, you are not in the mood to spend exhausting hours in the kitchen to prepare your meals. You find easier to order something, but if you have an instapot, your appliance will do all the work for you. You only have to put the ingredients in the pot and leave it to do its job. While the meal is cooked, you can relax, take a bath or watch an episode from your favourite TV drama.

You will love eating eggs

All diets require a certain egg intake, because eggs are a healthy way to get a quick protein boost. However, the majority of people have issues with cooking them. With the help of a pot, you can get the perfect egg, no crumbly yolks involved. If you want to vary the egg recipes, you can easily do it; there are countless recipes online.

Hacks you should try when using an instant pot

Use pre-chopped vegetables

If you want to save time when preparing your meals, you can use frozen pre-copped vegetables. The nutrition in these packages is the same with the ones of fresh aliments, in some cases it is even better, so do not worry, you will receive the necessary intake of minerals and vitamins, even if you use the stress-free option. When doing groceries, you should put in your cart frozen bell-peppers and broccoli to have the needed aliments to quickly prepare a broccoli cheese soup or a quinoa dish.

Prepare a large quantity of rice

As stated before, the brown rice is the perfect base for numerous dishes. So you should make sure that you prepare a large quantity of it, because it is quite simple to do it. You only have to put the rice, some water and salt in the pot, and then wait. The cooking time is the same, no matter the quantity of rice you want to prepare; therefore, you should do more to have a weekly stash. If you like to eat risotto, when you eat at the restaurant, you should try to prepare it at home; it requires only 10 minutes of cooking.

Prepare frozen meals ahead

The best way to make a meals plan is to prepare your dishes and place them in the freezer. For example, you can take some time during the weekend to combine your favourite ingredients and to place them in a freezer safe bag. An easy way to do it is to mix your favourite proteins with the right sauces, and to store them in the freezer, until you decide to cook them. When you want to prepare the meals, you will have to use the pot on high pressure for around 15 minutes, or more according to the type of the meat you want to eat, and when the cook time is 10 minutes away from being done, you add the frozen veggies.