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Tips and Tricks to Ensure That Your Boiler is Running at its Best

The heating system in your home is designed to keep you warm, comfortable, not to mention safe from the freezing temperatures. Having to cope with harsh temperatures can be unpleasant sometimes and it would be great if you could come home after a long day at the office to a pleasant atmosphere. The oldest and surest way to stay warm during the cold months of the year is to rely on the boiler.

If you do not have an antiquated boiler heating system, you do not have to worry that it will let you down when you need it the most. You could avoid issues by getting a new one. A reliable boiler is fairly easy to repair and easy to maintain. A service can be done in just a few minutes. Most importantly, it will save you money in the long run.

Installation may be expensive, but the good news is that maintenance is not. It is very important to do some maintenance on your own if you wish to enjoy the boiler at its best. If you do not know how to enhance efficiency following installation, keep on reading to learn what you need to do. These are the most efficient ways to use the central heating system.

Turn the pilot light off

One of the things you can do is to turn off the pilot light when you do not need to fire up the heating system. Carrying out this operation will ensure that no gas escapes from the appliance’s fixtures and gets into the home. And that the flame does not run all the time. The heating system runs on a continuous flame, meaning that it still runs even if you do not use the boiler. It is necessary to turn off the heating when it is not useful. To put out the pilot light, all you have to do is turn off the supply valve. No more gigantic bills to ruin your day.

Invest in a programmable thermostat

Because your home relies on one heating system, there is the same airflow throughout the house. Taking into consideration that heating costs are on the rise, it is a good idea to develop an energy-efficient winter heating strategy. Heating should be shut down during working hours or when everyone is in bed at night. Let us imagine the following scenario: you rushed off to work and completely forgot to switch off the boiler? It will run all day long. Not only will you lose energy, but also your bill will be higher than normal.

What you need to do is invest in a programmable thermostat. This device is designed to adjust the temperature, turning the heating on and off so as to keep the temperature as you set it. The programmable thermostat follows its schedule, the result being that you have a warm abode when you come back home. Attention needs to be paid to the fact that you cannot mix and match equipment from different manufacturers. To be more precise, not all boilers and thermostats are compatible. If you are not sure what kind of component is fit for your heating system, get in touch with the manufacturer.

Book a boiler service

Boilers get neglected and Corgi Home Plan cannot repeat this enough. According to the experts, maintenance is the least of consumer’s worries. This is probably because homeowners fail to understand that care is part of their duties. If the boiler and heating system were not checked this year, it is high time to arrange for a service. This is the best way to reduce the chances of the device developing a fault or breaking down. The thing about boiler issues is that they can occur out of the blue and are very hard to deal with. If you want the fuel-burning apparatus to function adequately all year long and spare yourself difficulty, have it serviced on a regular basis.

There are plenty of benefits of getting your boiler serviced, among which mention can be made of preventing the heating bills from rising, increasing the lifespan of the device, and saving lives. The last point deserves a little bit of attention. A faulty boiler can kill you in your sleep. You breathe in carbon monoxide at worrisome levels. Being exposed to high levels can kill you, so you need to be very careful. Thousands of people die from carbon monoxide poisoning due to leaking heating systems.

Make sure to change the oil filter

According to the team from BoilerJuice US, “When it comes down to the operation of the central heating system, there is nothing more significant than the oil filter. Why? Because it stops the particles that can be found in the oil and prevents the nozzle from clogging.”. The moment that they get inside, the particles do a great deal of harm. What is more, they can reduce the efficiency of the boiler. As you very well know, it is better to avoid problems. In this sense, you need to change the oil filter as often as possible. This is something that you can do yourself. Before taking action, turn off the power supply and cover the floor with old newspapers or magazines. Removing and replacing the filter is child’s play. If you have doubts, watch an online video.

Final considerations

Naturally, there are numerous additional things you can do to optimise the performance of your boiler. What is important is that you do something and not just sit there. The fuel-burning apparatus is working hard to make your home cosy and the least you can do is take good care of it. Technology nowadays is designed to offer customers peace of mind, but that does not mean that it is infallible. Problems can be avoided altogether and you do not even have to make such a big effort. Turn off the pilot light, invest in a programmable thermostat, have the boiler serviced, and change the oil filter every now and then. It is not complicated, is it?