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5 Signs That Could Be An Indication Of A Pest Problem

Early intervention is key as far as dealing with a pest control issue at a commercial enterprise discreetly and efficiently is concerned. Whether you have cockroaches or rodents, the quicker you enlist the aid of a professional pest control specialist, the better. It is crucial that staff members or yourself report any signs of a pest infestation and ensure early intervention for the problem at hand. Here are five indications that you might have a pest infestation at the property.

Pest Droppings

The most obvious sign of a pest infestation would be visible urine trails or faecal droppings at your premises. Mice or rat waste is easily spotted, however droppings from smaller pests like bed bugs might not be detected as easily. That is why a thorough inspection is critical. Always educate employees, in particular, cleaning, or housekeeping staff in a hospitality setting to inspect all furniture, bedding, walls, furniture, etc, for any signs of pest droppings.

Grease Tracks Or Marks

Grease tracks or marks can be an indication of a rodent problem, since rats and mice alike usually travel along the same paths, leaving a greasy trail behind them. Rats are infamous for running along walls and typically leaves grease spots where they go.

Signs of nesting

Rodents tend to make their nests with whatever they can find. This usually include grass clippings, shredded paper, and leaves. They like to nest in places that are discreet, for instance, underneath floors or in between walls. It is recommended to check for signs of nesting frequently, since rats are known for causing a lot of damage. If you suspect that you have a rat infestation, visit for more information.

Tangible damages to structures

Rats and mice chew on everything, leaving gnaw marks or holes in furniture or wires. Tiny holes in your walls and floors is also an indication of an infestation. Sigs of damaged wood, for instance, on outdoor wooden decks or wooden furniture is a substantial indicator that you have a termite infestation at the property. If you see any unexplained property damage, it is well worth your while to contact a licensed pest control specialist immediately to help with identifying any visible or underlying pets-related issues.

Plants that are damaged

Keep an eye out for signs of gnawing on the edges of your garden plants or grass blades as well as insect trails. When you notice patches of damaged lawn that are large brown or dead, it could indicate an infestation of some sort. Noticeable signs of infestation in your garden or on your lawn can be due to voles, moles, Chinch bugs, beetles, grubs, flies, crickets, or other pests.


A licensed pest control company has knowledge of the regulations and requirements of the various commercial industries they service. They can get rid of whichever infestation you are facing promptly and efficiently. They can also offer tips and guidance to staff members on how to lessen the impacts of pest problems, as well as how to prevent them from happening again.

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