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Can a House be Built of Steel

Understanding The Possibilities When A House Is built of steel

Traditionally houses have been made with wood or brick. Although the style of houses has changed over the years, in general, the building materials have remained the same. 

However, in recent years steel is becoming a popular option for homes. It has been used in commercial buildings for many years; it isn’t surprising that it has now made its way into the residential market.

What Are Steel Houses

Most homes use a wooden framework. Before the framework can be erected a foundation needs to be dug and filled with concrete. This helps to give the house strength and stability, even in bad weather. The wooden frame is then bolted together to create the shell of your home. At this stage, you can panel the outside with brick, wood cladding, or almost any other material you like. 

Steel homes are effectively the same. But, instead of using a wooden frame, they have a steel frame. Providing you choose one of the most reputable steel suppliers Sydney, you will find your steel home is just as attractive as your wood-framed one. But, it is stronger.

The Advantages Of Steel Homes

There are several benefits worth noting:

  • Strength

In the first instance steel is exceptionally strong. It is stronger than wood and more capable of withstanding natural disasters, including floods and hurricanes. 

In addition, the strength of a steel beam allows you to create much larger spaces without internal supports. This helps with the ability to build an open-plan space inside any home. It can also allow architects to be more imaginative with their designs.

  • Fire Resistant

Steel is fire resistant. If the fire gets hot enough it will melt. But, this temperature is significantly higher than the heat that wood can withstand. In other words, a steel home is more capable of withstanding fire, including bush fires, than a wooden one 

  • Pest Proof

One of the biggest problems with wood-framed houses is that pests love wood. Termites, carpenter ants, and rodents are of particular concern. But these pests are not capable of damaging metal, ensuring the metal-framed house needs less maintenance and you are less likely to have a pest problem. 

  • Quality

Steel is molded in a factory into the specific shapes you need for your home. This means the entire process is quality controlled and every piece of steel is of the same quality. Not only does this help to ensure the strength of the building it makes putting it together on site very easy. All the pieces will slot together perfectly, that is why steel-framed houses tend to be built very quickly.


Of course, you should note that building with steel is slightly more expensive than with wood. However, the benefits more than outweigh the small extra cost, making steel houses the homes of the future.  All you need to decide is whether you are going to clad the steel framework with traditional materials or use steel for the cladding as well!

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