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An Experienced Travelers Guide to Choosing a Place to Stay in Prague Czech Republic

Moving to the Czech Republic? Planning a trip here? Well, congratulations. The Czech Republic is one of the most exciting countries in the world. The city boasts a rich history and a superior economic capacity. Born in 1993, the Czech Republic boasts a rife culture and beautiful people. The country has a dramatic and fascinating history. With numerous facets, the country welcomes thousands of visitors from all walks of life. So, if you are looking to create a memorable travel experience—visit the Czech Republic.

Know the Czech Republic

The country borders beautiful architectural treasures plus a dense forest featuring great mountains. With the beautiful city of Prague (the capital city), you can move around with ease and enjoy a memorable travel experience.

Travel Tips

However, when looking for a place to stay in the Czech Republic, ensure that the place you settle offers the following key things:

  • A modern locker where you will store your belongings
  • Is located near a strategic transport network
  • Offers breakfast—it will help you save huge on foods
  • Cost—get a place to live that fits your budget
  • Inquiries about checkout time. Choose a place to live with flexible checkout time

Stay In the Best Places

Don’t just choose a place to live. Get the best one. Divided into different neighborhoods, the Czech Republic can be one of the best places to stay. Each neighborhood has a unique culture as well as the atmosphere. So, if you are looking at, here are some of the best places you can choose from.

Chateau Mcely

As a glorious-based historic chateau, the Chateau Mcely is located in a rural setting. The hotel is housed in a luxurious, quiet, and secure setting.

The Augustine

Built close to the Prague Castle, The Augustine is one of the best places to stay while in the Czech Republic. The amenities here are superior and have been decorated to exude class and elegance.

Raka Romantic Galerie

As a family-owned hotel—the Raka Ro
mantic Galerie is located in central Prague. With this hotel, you get to enjoy superior services. The staff here are understanding, friendly, and professional. Hotel U Raka boasts with a village atmosphere. The interior has been designed artistically with wooden furniture and an elegant art gallery.

Other Top Places to Live

Other places you can stay at while in the Czech Republic include:

  • Motel one, Prague—which contains 141 rooms
  • Chateau mcely—which houses 23 rooms.
  • Hotel nautilus—this hotel has 22 rooms going from €148. It’s located in tabor
  • Paloma hotel—the hotel has 10 rooms going from €23


Visiting or moving to the Czech Republic can be challenging—especially if you don’t know the best places to stay. However, the above guide highlights some of the finest places to live and enjoy your trip to the Czech Republic. From Motel One, Prague to Hotel U Raka—these Czech Republic hotels have the best amenities, services, and road networks. Plus, they are secure and boast of a rich history. So, if these are the features you are looking for in a Prague neighborhood, pick one of the above locations.