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How to Remove Old Carpets Without Breaking Your Back

Carpets make our houses warm and cozy until they become old – then tattered. At this point, the only thing on your mind is carpet removal. But the problem is that this process isn’t as easy as many think it is.

If anything, carpet removal is a tedious process that you probably won’t manage all alone. Many homeowners opt to hire a professional carpet removal company or expert to handle the job. Because even if you have the labor for the job, you probably don’t have the tools. Here are some ways you can use it to remove the old carpet without breaking your back:

Hiring a Carpet Removal Company

This is by far the easiest and best carpet removal technique you can use. Simply search through the internet and get reliable services. You can shortlist three or four carpet removal companies and vet them according to the services they offer.

Preferably choose a company that’s within your proximity so that they can get it over with quicker. But quality service delivery should be the first thing you use to vet the right company. This is something you can check on their website or through online reviews.

All carpet removal companies come with their tools so all you do is sit back and relax. Some even offer add-on services such as cleaning after carpet removal. However, confirm if they’re charging or offering the services for free before they start operations.

Request the Installer of the New Carpet to Remove the Old One

When you purchase carpets from a credible retailer, they should remove the old one for you. They are going to install the new one after all and will need to remove the old one first. However, it still makes sense to ask them whether they’ll do this free of charge. Some will bill you for the old carpet removal, while others offer it free as an incentive.

Use a Simple DIY Carpet Removal Technique

Another way to remove the carpet without breaking your back is to use a simple DIY routine. There are plenty of carpet removal methods online, but some are just too complex for the average person. It’s better to get one that won’t strain you much. We will show you the best DIY carpet removal method you can use. Of course, you’ll still need the tools for the removal.

Start from One Corner

Pick one corner to start the carpet removal process. It’s easier to start from one end of the room. As you do this, make sure that you have your gloves on, and that you avoid the pricking tack strips found on the edges.

A tack strip is simply a slender piece of wood that has tacks or nails. These nails and tacks help in the installation process of the carpet.

Removing Carpets from Hardwood Flooring

When dealing with hardwood floors, you have to be extra careful. Any slight mistake could destroy the aesthetics. Put more emphasis on this point if you’re removing the carpet to stay with the hardwood floor, rather than replacing it with another carpet.

Roll Up the Carpet in Strips

Using a utility knife, slice the carpet into several strips that you can manage in size. A typical living room requires you to roll the carpet into thirds. Therefore, roll one third of your carpet to the room’s center. Remember to keep both of your hands on top of the knife for safety reasons.

Once you roll up the part of the carpet that you cut, you can use duct tape to prevent it from unrolling. Immediately you’re done with the process, it then becomes a lot simpler to drop the carpet in the dumpster or at the curb.

Carpet Removal from Stairs

Now this is the hardest part to do. Even carpet removal companies charge extra to remove carpets on the stairs. When doing it yourself, you start by cutting near the risers. Remember to even have your gloves on at this stage, as you’ll be collecting loose staples. Collecting them early ensures that they don’t scatter all over the place, and creates a further problem for you.

Rip Up the Carpet Padding

After you’re done with the carpet removal, you’ll need to rip up the carpet padding that’s beneath. Luckily, most of the carpet padding is stapled to the subfloor using several patches. This helps you to grab a seam and begin to rip it up easily.

Check and Prepare the Subfloor

Once you’re done with the padding, start inspecting the subfloor. This should be your priority if you’re installing a new hardwood floor or tiles. Any issues with the subfloor will be a lot harder to fix once you have the new flooring.

Final Thoughts

Getting rid of the old carpet doesn’t have to be a dreaded procedure when you use it the right way. Use DIY methods, or better still call a carpet removal company to help you out.