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7 Fun Spare Room Ideas You’ll Not Find Anywhere Else

Every home has a spare room or two that remains vacant for most of the time unless a guest arrives to stay over. Leaving it empty might be a waste for that room, more so if you end up filling the room with unnecessary items and junk. Instead of leaving it as is, you could repurpose that room into something else entirely.

What else can you do to a spare bedroom that would give it a different feature or purpose? Today, we will explore those options with these fun spare room ideas. These might give you a starting point to how you can make this extra room unique to your needs.

1. Study Corner

One of the extra room ideas you can try out is to convert the spare room into a study area. Here, you can set up your library on the shelves. You also get to decorate the area in a way that becomes helpful and relaxing to sit in and devour through a book or two.

The good thing about a dedicated study corner is that you can focus while you conduct your tasks here. With a desk present, you can use it to make your research notes. You can also write literature while you sit in a distraction-free environment.

You can also set up this corner as a spot where you have a space to use a laptop for module learning. This is a good setup for distance learning. Here, they can conduct online classes without anything interfering.

2. Music Room

Among the cool things to do with empty rooms, turning them into a music studio is a fun one. You may be the type that loves to create music using an instrument or the type that produces music. With this, you have a room dedicated to recording and arranging your projects.

The setup for this kind of room will go towards soundproofing the walls. This is to make sure the music does not bleed out to every area in the house.

This also allows you to have a place for your high-quality equipment for recording and mixing. It is also a prime place to store your instruments.

You can start small with the bare minimum. With enough resources, you build up towards creating your music studio by adding mixers, consoles, and much more. This development comes in time as you push through with this.

3. Chill Out Room

You’ll never go wrong with a room where you can sit down and chill. This can take up different styles and approaches but the goal is to make it a room cozy enough to sit down and relax. It also works out as a great place to unwind and think things over.

You can opt for a dark color scheme, going with shades of gray on the walls and furniture. The floor could have a darker wood grain. You can even set up a wood-burning stove as a heater for the colder months.

This part can take on any form or style so you can go crazy with the concept and color scheme. This way, you have something that suits your tastes.

4. Refashioned as Dressing Room

One approach you can go for a spare room is to turn it into a dedicated dressing room. This room can also double as a walk-in closet, where you can put your clothes and shoes in here.

Among the spare room ideas noted here, these work best on fashionistas. More so for those who want a dedicated room for their clothes.

You can also set up a mirror and a dressing table for the makeup and other grooming implements. Here, you can focus on looking good for the occasion before heading out.

For such a room, the emphasis lies on having shelves for the clothes and other various items in here. This makes your dressing room separate from your bedroom.

5. Home Office

For a dedicated working space, converting the spare room into an office helps you get a conducive spot in the house for anything work-related. For instance, you can use that home office as an area where you can focus on your work.

It works well with work-from-home arrangements. As it provides you with an ideal work station.

For this setup, consider the thought of choosing colors that inspire you and prompt you to focus. Make sure that everything that you need for work is in one place that you can access. This provides you a centralized location for everything that you need to work at your best, such as printers and monitors.

6. Home Theater

You can turn this spare room into the only area that can bring out the most immersive entertainment experience. In this case, you can set up the various appliances to create your ideal home theater. One of the first setups that you heed here is to put the right media room colors.

As for appliances, you will need a good number of them. Among the essentials include a large screen TV for the visuals. Then you have the audio components to deliver the surround sound that you like.

7. Art Studio

If you have an inclination towards art that you push towards exploring other mediums, you need a room that acts as your atelier. This is where an art studio would come in, as it provides you an area that can let you focus on your art without any distractions or disturbances.

If you like an area where you can sketch, paint, or craft, you can go for this one. With a dedicated art room, you also have a place where you can store your art materials.

Try Out These Fun Spare Room Ideas

With these fun spare room ideas, you can find some interesting concepts that you can try out for your spare bedrooms. With these rooms, you can explore your hobbies, or even have a dedicated station where you can work from home. Whichever you choose, you can put that spare room to good use.

Do you want more tips on what you should do with your spare room? Check more of our guides to get inspired today!

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