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Is It Time To Buy Headboards? Here’s A Simple Shopping Guide

Everyone deserves to have a good night’s sleep. Ideally, people should be getting at least seven to nine hours of sleep daily to allow their bodies to fully recharge and get ready for the next day ahead. However, if you’re having trouble sleeping at night because of poor bed quality, you might not get the quality sleep your body needs.

When it comes to your bed, you must make sure that everything’s perfect for your needs. While choosing the best mattress and pillows are one thing you could do, the right bed frame and headboards can drastically improve comfort as well. However, if you’re new to purchasing a headboard, you need a guide to help you find the best one.

Here’s a simple shopping guide to choose the right headboard for your needs:

Decide On The Design  

One thing that can highlight your bedroom is your headboard design. If your bedroom has a Scandinavian theme but you want a luxurious headboard, your bedroom might not look well balanced. You should make sure that you choose bedhead designs that’ll match your theme perfectly.

There are plenty of headboard designs from which you could choose. You can either go for a panel, floor to ceiling, or wall-mounted headboards. The choice will depend on your budget and preference, of course. However, if you think your bedroom doesn’t have too many wall decorations, you should consider a floor-to-ceiling headboard to give your bedroom more depth.

Choose The Right Cushion

Apart from the design, you shouldn’t forget that there are plenty of materials from which you can choose for your headboard. Again, depending on your bedroom’s theme, you can go for wood, upholstery, leather, foam, or velvet. Try to explore your options and see which one you’re most comfortable with inside your bedroom.

If you’d like to go for classic wood, there are plenty of options that could match your bedroom. You can compare wooden beds at RJ Living and other similar retailers, and they’ll be able to provide you with quality designs, especially now that headboards are trendy again.

Alternatively, if you’d like to sit up on your bed and be able to read a good book while you rest your back on your headboard, cushioned headboards are your best choice. You’ll feel like you’re staying in an expensive hotel suite, as you can find comfort wherever you place your body on cushioned headboards.

Check The Headboard’s Material

Some headboards can be deceiving, making you think that they’re from real and natural wood. So you know you’re purchasing quality ones that’ll last you a long time, you should first check the headboard materials that the manufacturers use.

If you’re going for a wooden headboard, you should check if they’re using natural or veneer wood, as different types of wood have different hardnesses. While there’s nothing wrong with veneers, they might chip faster, forcing you to replace them once they’re ruined. 

Confirm How It’s Made

No matter how attractive a headboard is, you should still double-check its quality and how the manufacturers made it and transported it to their warehouse. If you’re going for headboards that include fabric, you should confirm with the seller how they attached the material to the base and cushion. Ideally, you should go for stitched headboards over ones that are glued to the base. No matter which glue they’d use, stitching is sturdier compared to adhesives.

Additionally, you can also confirm if your headboards are made to order. Mass-produced headboards might not have a high-quality finish most of the time, especially since the manufacturer inspects hundreds of headboards each day. With made-to-order headboards, you can feel at ease that the manufacturers took the time in creating quality products.

See If It Matches Your Bed Frame 

If you’re purchasing a headboard separately from your bed frame, make sure your choice matches well with your frame. It might not be enticing to see a royal blue headboard and a bright green bed frame together, as it might bring confusion as to what color and theme you’re trying to convey.  

Ideally, you should pick a headboard that matches the main material from your bed frame for an even and flawless finish. Additionally, you should also consider the height of your mattress as some mattresses may be higher than the regular spring you might have in your bedroom. As you measure your mattress’s size, you should check if the height of your headboard still matches the entire bed along with your upper body, in case you plan on resting your back on the headboard.


Shopping for headboards isn’t an easy job. Apart from deciding the design, you also need to consider the quality and how the manufacturers made them. This way, you know you’re getting your money’s worth on a product that will last long.

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