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Looking Hot on Halloween

Americans spent about $9 billion on Halloween in 2018. That’s a lot of candy, sure, but it’s not just about lollipops and chocolate bars. It’s also about costumes and accessories. While Halloween has a reputation for being a children’s holiday, plenty of adult fun can be had in late October as well. Halloween is all about the fantasy of being someone else, and there’s no reason that “someone else” can’t be a sexier version of you. The right Halloween costume can do plenty of good things for your romantic life, so read on to find out all about the top tips for looking hot this Halloween.

Find something that feels good

Sexy does not have to mean uncomfortable. If it does, then you should keep looking, because plenty of sexy Halloween costumes won’t make you feel like you’re starring in a low-budget adult film. If a sexy nurse isn’t your thing, maybe you want to be a sexy witch or a sexy flapper. As a woman, a lot of Halloween costumes are already designed to be at least a little flirty, so you have a wide range of options here.

Some women will be comfortable in Halloween costumes that don’t cover much more than lingerie, but if you’re not, that’s your call. There are even sexy nun costumes if, for instance, your boyfriend has always had a thing for Catholic girls (you can also be a Catholic schoolgirl, since that look has worked pretty well for Britney Spears).

If possible, see if you can try on the costume before you commit to buying it. If you’re buying online, check the company’s return policy carefully before handing over your credit card info. If you’re terribly uncomfortable, you’re going to look fidgety or aggravated, and discomfort is never sexy.

Coordinate with your partner

Valentine’s Day gets more press, but Halloween can also be a great day for couples. On Feb. 14, you and your boyfriend have to dress up to go out to dinner. But on Oct. 31, you can get as outrageously sexy as you want. Talk to your partner and figure out what kind of costume both of you will enjoy. If he’s always had a Princess Leia fantasy, maybe you can do something related to Star Wars (just don’t dress up as Luke and Leia, because they turned out to be siblings and all).

If you’re going to do a couples costume, then it’s even more important to plan ahead. Finding one sexy costume at the last minute might be manageable, but finding two is going to be a lot trickier. Start plotting out what you’ll wear a month or so in advance. If you’re one of those couples that waits all year for Halloween, you can start even earlier. Just make sure you’re on the same page about what you want to do. If you want to be Jane, your boyfriend needs to be Tarzan, not a Ken doll.

Don’t forget the makeup

Makeup can make you feel more attractive when you’re at work, so imagine what wonders it can do on Halloween. If you’re going to be a sexy vampire, you might as well have blood running down your mouth in a scary yet alluring way.

The costume makeup you wear on Halloween is going to be more exaggerated by definition, but you can still play up your best features the same way you would every day. If you have big green eyes, accentuate them with dramatic eye makeup that sets off your costume perfectly. If your lips are full and pouty, apply a shade of fire-engine red lipstick to let people know you’ve got mischief on your mind tonight.