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What Is the Best Christmas Tree Storage Bag?

You bought an artificial Christmas tree because they are very convenient; you don’t have to water it or deal with bugs and better still you can disassemble it and keep away for the next year without spending a dime.

That is a really good choice but it can prove otherwise if you fail to store and protect your Christmas tree from getting bent, losing its needles and even fading. So how do you store your Christmas tree?

The best way to store your Christmas tree is to take it apart and keep it in a Christmas tree storage bag or large duffel which you can then keep away HORIZONTALLY in a place where it cannot easily fall over or be knocked down.

But of course, investing in a storage bag in which you would store your Christmas tree is very important because you need to keep it safe and in almost perfect condition.

These storage bags will protect your tree from external environmental factors like dirt, water, and moisture. It will also keep your tree in the right shape and can allow it to be moved easily. The question then arises, what is the Best Christmas tree Storage Bag for you?

Luckily for you, I’ve made selecting the right one a much easier task. Keep reading to find out the perfect one for you.

Covermates Holiday Rolling Storage Bag

This is a whale of a storage bag. It is made of moisture-proof polyester and it comes with a three-year warranty. Let’s say you have an 11 feet tall tree and are looking for the best storage solution for your tree, Covermates Holiday Storage Bag is the right fit for you.

It is built with reinforced paddle handles that makes it easy to carry, four inches straps that will help to secure the branches of your disassembled Christmas tree and it is available in multiple shapes, colors and sizes.

Why buy this bag?

  • 600D polyester moisture proof material protects your tree from dusts, damage and pests
  • Transparent window for clear inner view to see what’s in the bag
  • Reinforced handles and dual zipper pockets
  • Make your pick from wide range of sizes, colors and styles

ProPik Artificial Tree Storage Bag

If you’re on the market for a more convenient bag at an affordable price then this is your answer right here. This bag gives you enough space to store your Christmas tree with a length of 48 inches and a width of 15 inches. It maintains its shape reasonably well when the tree is in it and looks to be a sturdy material.

Why buy this Bag?

  • Well-made lightweight and strong storage bag
  • Reliable protection from moisture, dirt, and damages
  • At the side of the bag is a card slot for the identification label

Primode Holiday Tree Storage Bag

This bag is perfect for you if you have a 7’ to 7.5’ tree in 3 parts. It is made of high quality material that can protect your Christmas tree against dirt and damage. The sturdy handles of the bag allows for easy carrying and transporting, even though it may not be a very rigid bag because the bag’s shape is going to be determined by the tree inside.

Why buy this bag?

  • Built with the best quality polyester fabric
  • Perfect room for your 3-piece trees in the 7’ range


Elf stor Holiday Christmas Tree Storage Bag

I saved my personal best for last. If the Primode bag is perfect size for 7.5’ Christmas tree, this storage bag will make a 7.5’ tree look really small in it. Elf stor provides you with the ideal storage room for your 9 feet tall artificial Christmas tree. It has enough space in 61.5” long, 27.5” width and 27.5 deep. You don’t have to worry about this piece of accessory tearing and wearing out. It is super durable and very easy to use.

Why buy this bag?

  • Tear proof and water-resistant fabric capable of stopping moisture, dust, water, dirt, mold and more.
  • Durable and easy to carry handles
  • Best for up to 9 feet tall trees

These are the best storage bag options for storing your disassembled Christmas tree for the next seasons. It is a sure fire way to maintain the freshness of your artificial tree.



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