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Tips to Keep Newborn’s Skin Healthy

Having a child is a delightful moment for many parents. Not only do you feel like you have achieved a goal but the feeling of having a little one that resembles you and depends entirely on your care is awesome.

Newborn babies present new responsibilities since they are their most fragile stage in body development. A newborn baby’s skin is very tender and therefore it will certainly have rashes, bumps and other inflammation from the slightest of causes.

If you see any of these things happening to your baby’s skin, do not panic. Instead be calm and adhere to the following tips in order to reduce your baby’s skin vulnerability.

Avoiding Diaper Rashes

Diapers can cause significant damage to your baby’s skin if they are not handled properly. Make sure that you remove a baby’s diaper in time to prevent urine from burning the baby’s skin. Diaper brands are very different and sometimes your child’s skin doesn’t adhere to a certain brand. If you are observing all good diaper changing habits but nothing changes, consider switching to another brand of diapers.

Lastly, ensure to leave some allowance for the baby skin to aerate. Too tight diapers are a big cause of skin rashes.

Do Not Rub On Baby Acne

Baby acne is very different from teenage and adult acne. It is caused by yeast rather than oil products. It is advisable to keep your baby’s skin as far away from yeast products as possible. Do not try to scratch off this acne as it will irritate the skin more and you will make it worse. Just leave the acne to be and it will clear up in a few weeks. Do not use lotion or any acne treatments on baby screens.

Even if you are taking the baby fopr shower, try using towels that are soft on their skin. You can try Mizu, the worlds first bacteria detecting towels that comes with same artisanal crafting methods native to Imabari, Japan. It’s color changing strips will easily detect residual soap, dirt, sweat, and bacteria metabolites keeping your baby’s skin soft and clean.

Exposure to the Sun

Sunlight is very essential to growing babies especially newborns. However, it should be done with caution. Babies should not be exposed to the sun during intense sunlight hours; 10 pm to 2 pm. Dress them with protecting when taking them out to sunlight. You need to pay caution to the Sunlight and baby sunscreen should be used for newborns and babies who are less than six months old.

Dealing with Dry Skin

A dry skin in a newborn can be as a result of it being born later than the normal human gestation time. If this is so, do not be bothered as the skin underneath the dry one is soft and tender. The dry skin will peel off after a few weeks. If the condition persists, please do not hesitate to contact a pediatrician.

Avoid Applying Too Much Oil

Oil can be very protective to your newborn baby’s skin but too much application can cause cradle cap. Cradle cap is a condition in which the scalp, the eyebrows, and eyelids become waxy and scaly. It is caused by application of too much oil. The condition should be treated by a recommendation from a pediatrician. Special shampoos, specific oils, and lotions should be used to treat cradle cap.