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Maternity Wear: Finery for the Mama to Be

Congratulations! You are pregnant and glowing! Apart from reading Dr Spock’s, buying baby clothes and satisfying your cravings, it is time to figure out your wardrobe for the next eight/nine months. It is time to eschew old styles and embrace the new as you embrace your changing body. Fortunately, billowing dowdy dresses and maternity corsets are a thing of the past as maternity wear has greatly evolved over the years. Here are a few styling suggestions for different occasions:


Pregnancy can turn your usual work wardrobe on its head, but good quality, fashionable and flattering fancy tops for women to wear to work are easily available these days. For optimum comfort while looking stylish, you could opt for an oversized maternity shirt and pair it with slim trousers for ease of movement. Invest in a pair of black maternity pants – these can be a work-wear savior. Style it with a variety of printed and embroidered shirts, tops and blouses for an eye-catching look. Finish off the outfit with shoulder dusters and a sleek pony tail for the look of a corporate diva.


Gone are the days of unsolicited advice and a dozen restrictions for expectant mums. Pregnancies nowadays are fun, easy, and a unique experience. Ladies, don’t miss that lazy Sunday brunch with the girls just because you are unsure of what to wear. Midi-dresses are a perfect match for a languid afternoon meal. Choose a floral printed maternity dress and accessorize it with minimalistic pearl jewellery for a classic look. Enjoy the afternoon in a pair of nude flats for comfort.


With the news of the arrival of the baby, the two of you are bonding better than ever before. Floor your better-half with a layered maternity dress, in solid navy blue or deep burgundy or emerald green. Make sure the dress accentuates your baby bump, and at the same time lends oodles of oomph to your look. Style it with a simple clutch purse, diamond stud earrings and a pair of beige kitten-heel shoes. Heighten the minimalistic charm by tying your hair back in a simple low knot.


A pregnancy can bring about many lifestyle changes, but the good part is that you don’t have to change your personal style or image. Having said that, you can still attend the occasional party and look your best, baby bump et all. Dress up for that office party in a beautifully designed cranberry maternity dress. Pick flowing fabrics that flatter your changing silhouette. Accessorize with chunky earrings or neckpieces to steal the show.

Your pregnancy can be life altering but it does not have to alter your sartorial sensibilities. This is the time you can wholeheartedly embrace those statement vintage pieces, flowing fabrics, smock dresses and dungarees.

Pro Tip: Don’t shy away from experimenting with your look while you prepare for the arrival of your baby!