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Technology and Design Software for Jewellery Industry

It is necessary to work with a 3D file and generate a 3D model for your jewellery before a 3D printer can begin producing your jewellery model. This is accomplished via the use of 3D design software. Jewellery design is a time-consuming and challenging process that requires a great deal of expertise. However, a suitable jewellery design software makes it easy to create gorgeous jewellery designs that reflect your style and imagination.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned expert, we’re here to assist you in selecting the most appropriate jewellery design tool for your needs. We’ve carried out our research and established the best programs that are currently available on the market.

  • Matrix

If you’re a professional in the jewellery business, you may be familiar with the Matrix software from https://evotechpacific.com.au/. It is a good and powerful tool for 3D printing jewellery creation. Matrix is great for starting a project from scratch.

However, it requires some knowledge since it is a complicated tool. It has all the same benefits as Rhino; however, the UI is completely tailored to jewellers. It also includes step-by-step builders to assist you in your imaginative thinking.

  • Jewellery CAD Dream

This powerful program, which has over 30 years of expertise, enables you to create creative designs. It includes several time-saving features, a hybrid modeling engine, and CAD jewellery utilities. It will allow you to create realistic visualizations and flexibly modify the model.

Jewellery CAD Dream is about more than just design; it is also about the production process. It enables you to prepare models for 3D printers easily, choose the optimal orientation, and ensure smooth production.

  • CounterSketch

A highly hands-on tool that enables you to make unique gems in a short amount of time is CounterSketch. CounterSketch allows you to start from scratch or select from 1300 template models that you can edit to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces with the help of consumers.

This software program is an intriguing investment for retail establishments wishing to co-create final items with their customers. It can be purchased directly or utilized on a monthly subscription basis, depending on your needs.

  • JewelCAD

This is among the most widely used jewellery design programs available. Easy to learn, with an excellent User Interface and straightforward tools, it is well-liked by many users. It provides the user with a great deal of flexibility, enabling the construction of visually appealing designs.

Numerous functions, such as point and curve editing, producing arrays for stones, and creating photo-like renderings, are supported by JewelCAD. In addition, you may determine the quantity and mass of stones required and create CNC machining files or STL files for printing in 3D, among other things.

  • Mudbox

Autodesk has bought Mudbox, a digital sculpting program. It is beneficial for creating and modifying aesthetic products, like jewellery. It enables you to experiment with natural shapes, textural painting, and displacement.

Mudbox employs layers, enabling the user to save several detail passes, apply masks to the layers, and mix them. This allows the user to work on his creation’s 3D model without making permanent alterations. Obviously, this may be a fantastic choice for your jewellery creations.

Bottom Line

The industry of jewellery creation is expanding, as is the competition. Before you decide to enter the sector, it is best to ensure competitive efficiency by choosing the most appropriate software.

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