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Using a Licensed Plumber Contractor for Any Home Plumbing Projects

One of the things that every home needs is plumbing. It allows us to have tap water, be able to bathe, and use the restroom. Thus, being said, when a problem with your plumbing arises, it can cause numerous problems, from water damage to contaminating your home with deadly bacteria that you wouldn’t normally encounter if your home plumbing was working in top shape. In this article we’re going to discuss the importance of using a licensed plumber or contractor for any home plumbing projects. If you are looking for a good contractor.

Why Must They Be Licensed?

This is merely for your protection and offers a little bit of insurance when it comes to your home plumbing project. A licensed plumber is responsible for all the repairs of your home, and if they’re licensed, then you some assurance that they know what they’re doing. This usually means that your plumber has taken the time and received enough experience in what they were doing to become a quality hire as a contractor.

Is it Hard?

In general, licensed plumbers must have a certain amount of years as a plumber’s apprentice (and be a licensed trade apprentice for this time), completed a certain amount of high school, and also a vocational or technical school course at the minimum. They also have to cover liability insurance, just in case any problem occurs that could cause injury to them, or even your home.

What about unlicensed plumbers?

Unlicensed plumbers don’t often have proper equipment they may need in order to do repairs on your home plumbing. They have no way to show that they completed all of the requirements or have as much experience as licensed plumbers. Therefore, using a licensed plumber could cause yourself to have to deal with fraud and other civil legal matters.

Unlicensed plumbers don’t know all of the health risks (or they don’t care), and therefore they can cause bacteria to get inside your home that could be potentially dangerous or even lethal. Not only that, you may end up being a victim of a scam or fraud, or the plumber may perform very unprofessionally because they don’t have to report to anyone. They don’t follow board and city regulations all the time (and they don’t have to). Because of this, they could end up causing more problems for you, rather than just fixing your original solution.


When you have a home plumbing project or even a plumbing emergency, don’t just call the first plumber listed in the yellow pages. You should do your research and find out prices, as well as look at reviews of plumbing contractors near you in order to get a good idea about just how well they work, and how well they work with their clients. When you hire licensed contractors, you should always make sure they’re certified. Don’t be afraid to ask your plumber questions. If this was your field, you’d have a lot more knowledge in plumbing and wouldn’t need to hire one (in most cases). If you’re not a qualified plumber however, you should leave it to the professionals. Any plumber that is licensed will gladly answer any questions you will have, and if they don’t, then your best bet is to move onto the next best one.