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Wood vs. Fiberglass vs. Steel Doors: Which Style Is Better For Your Home?

The front door of your home is the first point of interaction for all your family members and visitors. This is also the first line of security, making it essential to pay attention to the various door choices available on the market. So let’s look at the three main types of doors that are available on the market right now and compare them to each other.

We will be looking at wood door vs. steel doors, fiberglass doors and also look at steel door advantages, disadvantages, and wood door pros and cons. Fiberglass doors, except for the cheaply manufactured ones, don’t really have cons. However, there are several factors to consider before you decide which one suits your home. Just like windows, they are an essential part of your home.

Are Metal Door Frames Better Than Wood?

A door is only as secure as its frame. The most advanced locks will not serve you if your door frame is weak. So from a security standpoint, metal frames will always serve you better. Wooden door frames tend to decay and become weak. This is especially true for locations with extreme temperature changes and high humidity.

Metal door frames have no such problems. They will last many times longer than any wooden frame. The only consideration here is aesthetics. A wooden door frame just looks for most residential architectural styles. Our eyes have just become really used to the wood aesthetic. This is the only real downside of a metal door frame over a wooden one.

Is a Steel Door Safer?

Security is one top of the list of steel door benefits. Steel doors are reliable and resilient. They are almost impossible to break through without highly specialized equipment. Your fire rating is taken care of. Steel doors are all metal and do not catch fire.

Are Steel Doors More Expensive?

Low cost is one of the main steel door pros. This is by far the cheapest option you can get for your front door. Steel doors will come at a fraction of the price of wood doors or fiberglass doors without sacrificing quality.

Wood Door vs. Steel Door

Price and strength are the main steel door advantages compared to wood doors. Even the best quality, insulated steel doors will cost just a fraction of a high-quality solid wood door. Steel door benefits also include easier maintenance and fire rating. They are also more secure compared to wood and fiberglass doors.

Wood doors are the best aesthetic choice because we are just so used to associating the look of wood with luxury and beauty. Wood doors also feel softer and nicer to the touch, especially in extreme temperatures.

Pros and Cons of Wood Door

Wood Door Pros include their beautiful look and a vast range of options for customizations. They hold up well against impacts and do not dent or crack easily. Wood doors are also easier to trim and make flush to the frame. Wood is also a good insulator and keeps heat in or out as required.

Wood door cons include their extremely high cost, high maintenance, and tendency to warp in extreme climates if not taken care of. Wood is also a fire hazard even after treatment.

Pros and Cons of Steel Door

Steel door pros include higher security, lower cost, and easier maintenance. Steel doors can easily outlast wood doors many times over. 

Steel door cons include less customizability, heat transference, and inability to trim to fit. Steel doors also dent easily.

Steel vs. Fiberglass Door

Fiberglass doors are the best wood alternative, but the best of them can cost as much as some of the best solid wood doors. Cheap ones have a tendency to crack in extreme temperatures. On the other hand, the best ones are very durable and can last a couple of decades with ease. They also insulate well as opposed to steel doors.

Steel doors, on the other hand, can last much longer and provide better overall security. They are also cheaper. To find out whether you want steel or fiberglass doors, you must first decide what is most important to you — looks, security, and longevity.

So each type of door has its unique qualities and advantages. Choose wisely, and it will be an excellent investment for your home.